Find Joy in the Journey!


Hello Everyone!

On Monday we played basketball, it was so much fun! We came back and drove, there were some crazies out. We had dinner with the Hoyt’s and the Busi’s. We had an appointment, but it cancelled. We had to go in early. I was okay with that because there were some creepers out there.
It rained on our walk on Tuesday morning. I started the Book of Mormon again! I love the Book of Mormon! We went to Castle service, but the lady in charge forgot. So we went back and visited this older lady in the ward. We had a lesson with Roland and we taught the Law of Chastity. We talked to these people and her daughter lives in Hyde Park, so crazy? We saw a less active family. The Elders came and dropped off a package. Elder Cook didn’t believe me when I said that it was protein bars. Yep, I get protein bars in my packages, it’s better than candy! We had dinner with an older lady. It was cold. We saw Sister Stowell. Her nephew is Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons, so cool!
On Wednesday we went back and did castle service. I cleaned the tables from the Halloween Haunt that they were having. Sister Palmer came out with us for the afternoon. It was so fun, she is so awesome! She biked with us. We saw Sister Gentry. Sister Palmer told me that I did a good job at street contacting. We had dinner with the Scholes’ and Feather’s families. We went and saw Sister Rowert, she is a ward missionary. She gave us a ride home in her truck, it was fun.
We had an awesome Zone Training in Lodi on Thursday. We found out some awesome news. WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!… There are some conditions, it has to be someone who you were very involved with in teaching and it has to be their first time and they have to bring family names. I am so excited because Roland is getting baptized soon and really wants to go to the temple! We also found out that we will have interviews and a zone conference every transfer! The training was so good! We talked about changes that we wanted to make to improve our missionary work. Little did my Mom know that she would have a very big influence on the zone! I mentioned in my small group that we need to find joy in the journey. She has been telling me that in my letters. When it was our turn to share we suggested it and they wrote it on the board and everyone liked it! It got 3 check marks! We had a big discussion about it and it became a big theme throughout the rest of the training! President joined us and it was really awesome. We talked about obedience and love and our willingness to give our agency to Him. It was so great! Sister Newcum, one of the senior couples was supposed to bear her testimony about the mission vision and our purpose, but they were unable to make it, so of course I got picked right on the spot, but it was really good for me. I love my zone! One of my zone leaders, Elder Brough, was in my district at the MTC. It is so cool to see him grow! We went to Chipotle afterwards. We had an appointment, but it cancelled. We went and saw this potential and talked to her for a while. She is not ready yet, but she will get there. We met this older lady who we have tried to meet with for a while. We had dinner with the Mitchell’s. It was a slow and cold night. It was a very long, but good day!
On Friday we had a lesson with Brother Rutledge about Temples and Family History. We did some more castle service. We were cleaning up from the Haunt. A bunch of FedEx employees were there and sure enough one of the workers was a member. He had just moved from Phoenix. We told him to look for houses in Ione because the Ione ward is so awesome! We did weekly planning. Our dinner cancelled. So we went to the Hawkins and they said we could eat with them. We had a good lesson with them. So we were going to try these people, but Sister Cloward fell off her bike. Luckily, a member drove by and took us home. She hurt her arm. We went over to a members house who is an EMT and he helped her. It was a crazy night.
On Saturday we met with our ward mission leader and the Palmer’s came over to examine Sister Cloward. We went to the pharmacy to go get medicine and the Elders came over to give her a blessing. The Priesthood is amazing! We were banned from our bikes, so we walked around a lot and did A LOT of street contacting. That is something that I have always struggled with, but I decided I am not going to let anything stop me and I’m just going to do it! Nothing came from it, we didn’t find anyone that was interested, but I feel so accomplished that I was able to do that. The Elders came by and dropped off mail. We saw the Tyrell’s and then we had dinner with the Rutledge’s and the Tustison’s came over. We talked about service. We made an appointment with the Gold’s too. It was a really long day of walking.
So, it was daylight savings on Sunday and I was so excited to get an extra hour of sleep. The alarm went off at 5:30. Since we don’t have a smart phone, it didn’t reset until you turned it off. The phone was having issues, but finally changed. I couldn’t really fall back asleep after that. Church was good. We did studies and then we went out talking to people. I am improving with my street contacting. We had dinner with the Tresner’s and their daughter and her husband. It’s cool because their daughter met him on their mission. They gave us 2 referrals. We were still banned from biking so we did A LOT of walking. We saw our investigator Becky and shared Moroni 10: 3-5 with her. There is so much power in that scripture. Other people we tried weren’t home. We planned and our district leader and Sister Training Leaders called. It was a long day.
Today we washed the car and cleaned. I got my flu shot and we went to the store. We stayed up here in Jackson. I think we might be playing basketball later and we have a fun FHE tonight with the Campbell’s and her sister.
This week we have a specialized training in Lodi with Manteca and Stockton zones so I will be able to see a lot of my friends. Also, this week marks 14 months of being out, that is so crazy? Time is flying so fast. I am really making it a big priority to find joy in this journey because it doesn’t last forever. I am excited for what this week brings!
This week I have also been really thankful for prayers. I know that Heavenly Father truly does answer our prayers. It can take some action on our part and some patience, but he does indeed answer our prayers. It is so cool to see it happening. I just love my Heavenly Father!
I hope you all have a great week and remember what you are grateful for!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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