14 Months!



Hello Everybody!

On Monday I played Around the World with San Andreas and I almost won, but Elder Powell beat me by one basket. We are also going to make district shirts. They will be “hill”arious! We had dinner and FHE with the Campbell’s and her less active Sister. My companion had bike problems, so we walked the rest of the night.
On Tuesday of course we did Castle service. We swept this eternally dusty floor and moved Christmas decorations. We went and visited a recent convert named Sierra. My companion finally got her bike fixed. I’m not the biggest fan of walking, it takes too long to get anywhere. The members who had us for dinner took us out for dinner and there were TV’s and the election was on and the husband is way into politics, that was interesting. I faced my back to the TV. I didn’t even want to know. It was cold. It was a slow night. We went to the RS activity and there was an LA there that we finally got to meet.
Happy 14 months on Wednesday! We had a specialized training in Lodi. We talked about our emergency action plan and we are going to get emergency bags. The assistants led a training on the safeguards for using technology, no that does not mean that we are getting iPads! We talked about scriptures that have to do with the light of Christ. Elder Ahau took mine 😦 It was 3 Nephi 18:24, it’s one of my favorites! We also got to preview the new Christmas video. I’m so excited for it. There is a call to action that goes along with it and I invite all of you to participate! It was nice to see a lot of my friends! We took a picture of all the people that I came out with that were there to celebrate our 14 months! We came back and had quick studies. We had an appointment with the Rutledge’s but they had to cancel. We tried to contact some referrals. We had dinner with the Hoyt’s, they are so great! Brother Hoyt reminds me of my dad! We had our lesson with Sister Hernandez on faith and repentance. We read scriptures with Sarah and Isabella.
We had district meeting on Thursday. We talked about what we learned at the training. We led a training on Talking with Everyone and the Newcum’s led a training on Help People Resolve Their Concerns. They made little typed up notes, they are so cute! We made lunch after. Elder Conway made shrimp fried rice, but cooked chicken on the side just for me! I made Oreo Blondies, oh my goodness they are so good! It was so fun to hang out with my district. It felt like I got to hang out with my brothers. We had some appointments but they cancelled. We contacted a referral, unfortunately they are not interested. We had dinner out in the country. We also saw this older couple, the Brown’s. They have the prettiest house! Just saying, it’s up for sale! I have a picture! They are so missionary minded and they gave us 3 referrals!
On Friday we had a lesson with Brother Rutledge. We went and did more castle service and organized the Christmas decorations. We finally got to our weekly planning. We had dinner with our next door neighbor. We went and talked to this older lady, Sister Lively and she is going to give a talk at Roland’s baptism.
Saturday was interesting. We talked to a PMF as we biked. We went and tried to contact a referral and she was out talking to the member’s, the Tresner’s, who referred us to her and she is awesome! She said we could come over anytime to stop for a drink and to talk! We helped the Tresner’s rake leaves. We were getting an exhaust fan installed so we had to eat lunch at our land lord’s house, the Hendrickson’s. His wife was there, she almost wouldn’t let me eat a PB sandwich and thought I was going to starve, she is a hoot! Roland had his interview and he passed! We met with Brother Johnson and did service for Sister Roberts. We visited Sister Gentry and her dogs are so crazy and entertaining. It was a long day.
We went to church on Sunday. The Hendrickson’s gave us a ride home. We did studies and went out to the country to try to contact some referrals. We had dinner with the Busi’s and a LA and his fiancee came and we had a lesson with them. They are getting married on Saturday and we are going to teach them after Thanksgiving!
Today we cleaned the car and the apartment. I finally got my eyebrows waxed and I got a trim. We are probably going to play sports.
I am so excited because we have a baptism this week, on Friday! It is also the last week of the transfer, usually a lot of miracles happen!
I hope everyone has a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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