How to Train Your Dragon… Or Your New Missionary!!!




dsc02588Happy Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for!

We got our transfer calls last night and I am staying in Ione and I’M TRAINING!!! I’m so excited and so ready! It will be like How to Train Your Dragon… Or your new missionary! Apparently, she is the only new Sister in the mission, I’m not sure? I love her already and I don’t even know her name!? I’m so excited for this and that I get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in Ione! Sister Cloward is going to Lodi 3rd.
We had dinner with the Hendrickson’s on Monday. She is so funny and we did a roleplay with her, it was fun. We tried some other people and saw Sarah out and about. It was kind of slow.
On Tuesday we were going to do service for Sarah, but it didn’t work out so we helped Brother Hansen in his garden and pulled some weeds. I tried dried persimmons, not as bad as the real thing. The Sister Training Leaders visited with us. It rained. we went out to the country and talked to this potential. She believes the church is true she is just not ready to commit yet. We saw this family, the Whitmer’s. They gave me a bag of Ghiradelli’s Peppermint Bark and brownie mix. They have a son that works at the Ghirardelli outlet in Lathrop. we had dinner with the Nygren’s. They are a great family and we had a good lesson with them and she wants to invite her neighbor to family history nights. The Custer’s and some other members were having a meeting about the Preston Castle and he invited us to share our experience and why we came on our missions with some of the non-members. It sparked some interest, it was cool.
On Wednesday, sister Cloward had an eye appointment in Jackson. We gave a few copies of the Book of Mormon to the Custer’s and got to talk more to their friend. Too bad he lives in Oregon, but he is excited to read the Book of Mormon. We went to the country and tried some potentials. this lady has a horse ranch. We biked in Comanche Village. I totally thought I could bike up the hill, bad idea, especially when it’s cold. We had dinner with the Whittenburg’s. Their grandkids love us. My light on my bike went out so they gave us a ride back to our car. Even if my light wasn’t out, I’m glad we got a ride because it was really dark and they are curvy and unfamiliar roads. We went to the church and helped clean up after Young Women in excellence. We had a few appointments, but they cancelled.
We had our last district meeting of the transfer. We talked about hymns and working in unity. we tried some less actives and potentials. We had an appointment and one of the pre missionaries came with us, but the people forgot. We had dinner with Sarah and had a lesson with a less active out in the country. They used to live in Mountain House, so they understand the wind. We had a lesson with the Haney’s and Jacob, a pre-missionary came and it went really well. We have been trying to set up appointments in the evenings so we stay productive during the evening time and so the pre-missionaries can get some experience.
On Friday we were going to have a lesson with Roland, but he couldn’t meet. He had been sick all week so he was hard to get a hold of. We did weekly planning. Sister Cloward got a flat so we walked. We tried some potentials. We got ready for the baptism and had Roland’s last lesson. I can’t believe he got baptized. It has been so cool to watch him progress. The baptism was great! Some of his family came. It’s cool because he had been on date a few times and had been through so many sets of missionaries, but I guess now is his time. After the baptism, we had dinner with Sister Rowert and her dog really loved me. We went and saw the Jenkin’s and shared a message with them. I can’t believe today happened?
On Saturday, we got invited to a baptism for an 8 year old named Mary. We shared a video presentation while she was changing. It rained. We went out to the country and tried to contact a few referrals. We saw the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and his family. we tried a few others. We had dinner with a LA/PMF. We had a lesson with sister Gentry and a pre-missionary named Megan came with us, she is going to Indianapolis. She is going to do such a great job. She brought the lesson back. It has been so cold, I have been sleeping in a hoody and pajama pants and socks, I usually sleep in shorts and a t-shirt. I am going to die this winter.
It rained again on Sunday. We had coordination meeting and ward council. Bishop was sick so ward council was like having a substitute teacher, so funny. We just got a new 1st counselor last week and this was his first week and he got thrown into the fire. Roland got confirmed! It was also the primary program. This was the first primary program I have seen in 3 years. No matter where you are the primary program is the same, so funny. Relief Society was good. We had to take a quick lunch and quick personal study because we had a lot to do, but I did manage to make Oreo blondies. We saw Brother Rutledge and he is still so excited. We had a lesson with the Hawkins, I love them. We had dinner with the Patterson’s and Sister Rowert, they love to take care of the missionaries. We had a lesson with the Hoyt’s, they are so awesome! It really helps teaching families at night.
I want to share a scripture that stuck out to me this week it’s Mosiah 3:17 
17And moreover, I say unto you, that there shall be anoother name given nor any other way nor means whereby bsalvation can come unto the children of men, only in and through the name of Christ, the cLord Omnipotent.
I love this scripture because it talks about Jesus Christ and how he is the only way that we can be saved because he suffered the atonement for us! That is something I am so grateful for!
So we were awaiting the dreaded phone call last night. The phone rang at 9:25 and it was President! I flipped out and we shrieked and President said , “I take that as a yes!” I was so happy and so pumped. I’m so excited for this new adventure!
I hope everyone has a great week and remembers what they are grateful for! There is so much to be thankful for!
I’m so excited for this next week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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