What a week!

So Tuesday was the big day! I dropped my old companion off in Lodi 3 and went down to Modesto. We had the trainer meeting, which was awesome. It was cool because we ate lunch with the new missionaries, but I didn’t know which was my companion. Then we met all together and the Palmer’s talked to us. Then I got my new companion. She was sitting in front of me and just turned around. Her name is Sister Turinetti and she is from Vermont and I love her so much! We got all of her stuff in our new car and headed to Ione. We met our landlord and went to the Busi’s for dinner.  She led the dinner message and she did an awesome job!
On Wednesday I got to do the glorious 12 week again. We tried some potentials and then helped Sister Campbell make rolls. People pay her to make them! We got to meet some members who were picking up orders. We tried some other people and had dinner with the Johnson’s at this place in Jackson called Mel’s. Some lady asked if we were Pentecostal, that’s a first. I will probably take my family there, it’s a good hamburger and fries. It was so cold and it was kind of slow.
Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday! We did weekly planning and then the fun began. We were going to see the Rutledge’s, but they couldn’t meet. We called a LA/PMF because they said we could come by and so we did and they insisted that we stayed to eat, that was dinner #1. I didn’t eat because we had other dinners. We went to the Jenkin’s for dinner #2. They were going to have a non member friend come but he got a better offer. The food was really good and I tried barley and I liked it, but there were still more dinners. Then we went to Sarah’s fro dinner #3. It was crazy, but it was still fun over there. I didn’t eat at that one because we had another dinner after. We went to the Bishop’s for dinner #4. I was so full. We then went to Sister Gentry’s to visit her. It was a crazy day, but I was so thankful that I was so loved and so taken care of.
On Friday we had district meeting early and talked about #LIGHTtheWORLD. I’m so excited and I invite everyone to participate in the 25 days! This is going to be so great! We had breakfast as a district after district meeting. I just love my district! We did studies. We talked to people on the street about #LIGHTtheWORLD. We saw a LA and shared with her the video and made an appointment. We saw another family and shared it with them as well. We had dinner with Sister Rowert and helped her decorate her tree.
On Saturday we did studies and I actually don’t mind role playing. It rained so we walked. We saw the Hawkins. We talked to this older lady. This LA lady happened to be visiting her daughter and was leaving so she gave us a ride to the Harmon’s. We helped her with stuff for the Christmas party. We tried some LA’s and potentials. We had dinner with the Scholes and did the Restoration lesson with them and it went so well! That was the first lesson we did together. The rest of the night was slow.
On Sunday we had MCM and ward council. Sacrament was nice because Autumn and Orion gave their farewell talks. We talked about goal setting for the 16-17 year old Sunday school and then went to class. RS was good. We came back and did studies. We had dinner with the Patterson’s, they are so awesome! They are so missionary minded We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it went so well. Are teaching is just so unified. We tried some people and made some appointments. It started raining. We saw the Robert’s and shared #LIGHTtheWORLD and they are so excited to share it with their friends. She gave us a ride home because it was raining.
Today was crazy! My email is so short because we came down to Lodi to email this morning, but the internet was down and I had an appointment in Turlock at 1:45 and it’s about an hour drive. We waited forever and he only met with me for 5 minutes. We went to the Target in Turlock. Turlock has everything and if we had more time I totally would have gone to Forever 21! We drove back to Lodi to finish emailing. SO MUCH DRIVING.
This week was kind of slow because of Thanksgiving, but hopefully things will pick back up this week. I am so excited for #LIGHTtheWORLD it is going to be so awesome! I want to invite everyone to participate and serve others like the Savior this Christmas season!
I love my new companion and I am loving training, I have already learned so much from her. This is going to be a great transfer.
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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