Stay Warm!






Wow, this week went by so fast!

Monday was just a crazy day that I would not like to re-live, so I am just going to move on to Tuesday!

On Tuesday we did castle service and man was it dusty. We had to dust the basement of the castle. We really didn’t see too many people, but we were handing #LIGHTtheWORLD cards like candy. I was on fire (no pun intended!) Since I have been training I have had such a confidence boost! My time is limited and I want to make the best of every minute. We had dinner with the Gold’s, they are so awesome and have the cutest baby. We saw the Custer’s. It was so cold. We planned in front of our heater!
On Wednesday we had an appointment, but it cancelled. We saw Sarah and read scriptures with them. I just love them so much! So the pastor of the church right across from ours dropped his ladder and was stuck on the roof, so luckily we were on bikes so we could help him, it was pretty cool! It started sprinkling. We saw Sister Hoyt and she gave us referral for Jackson. We had a lesson with Sister Hernandez at the church. It was so cold outside. We gave the Tresner’s some #LIGHTtheWORLD cards. Long day.
We had a zone training in Lodi on Thursday. The meeting started a little late, but it was so good! We talked about a lot of counseling items and talked about teaching in the Savior’s way and how we can apply that to our teaching! It was so awesome and you could really feel the spirit. We made the trek back to Ione. We had an appointment with Mary Lou. She is a member’s house keeper and she loves how she feels at our church. We did have an appointment for Tuesday, but we have to change it because we have to go to Modesto for a meeting! We had dinner with the Fowler family and then went to the church and helped set up for the Christmas party, that was our service for December 1st for Light the World. We saw the Adair’s and shared the video with them. Their son Orion is leaving today for his mission in Brazil! It was a very good day!

On Friday morning our power went out briefly, it was the weirdest thing. It was so cold, their was frost on the grass. That’s probably as close as I am going to get to snow! We did weekly planning and talked with a potential. She is not interested, but accepted a Plan of Salvation pamphlet! We helped set up for the Christmas party, so much glitter! We had an appointment with the Rutledge’s, but it cancelled. We had dinner with the Hawkins’, I love them! It was so cold. We saw Sister Stowell. Cold night.
On Saturday we had an appointment with the Rutledge’s but it cancelled again. We did 12 week and then helped Sister Campbell and a couple of other women in the ward make rolls for the Christmas party. I didn’t really have to carb up, because I was on a roll, haha! We tried a bunch of people, but didn’t really see anybody. We went to our ward Christmas party. We were asked to sing a verse in the song, “The Friendly Beasts”, I think it went well! I love the ward that I am serving in, they are so great!
We had coordination meeting and ward council on Sunday morning. The stake President was there and he gave a training on how we can fulfill our callings. I was just sitting there thinking, that will be me one day hearing this in my own ward council! Both Sister Turinetti and I bore our testimonies and so many people commented. It was a really great meeting and you could really feel the spirit. We had gospel principles and Sister Curran, the Relief Society President gave a great lesson on Elder Nelson’s talk from this past conference about joy. We said goodbye to Autumn and Orion, they both leave on their missions today and tomorrow. We did personal and had lunch, if that’s what you want to call it, with the Stewart’s and Eckhart’s. We finished our studies and went out and saw two LA/PMF’s and shared Light the World with them, it was awesome. One of them gave me peanut butter and bread and I could not have been happier!
Today we got a lot done and we went bowling with our district and the zone leaders and two other Elder’s, it was so fun. I am glad we could spare the time to do it! I did pretty bad, but it was super fun! I love my district!
This week is super busy. We have the new missionary/trainer meeting tomorrow in Modesto and President Interviews on Friday in Lodi! This week is going to be awesome! I am having so much fun with my companion! It’s so cool to see what you can learn from a new missionary!

I hope everyone stays warm this week and continues participating in #LIGHTtheWORLD!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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