Christmas Can Hurry, but Other Than That, I Want Time to Go So Much Slower Than it Is!




This week went by so fast! Everything is just happening so fast! Christmas can hurry, but other than that, I want time to go so much slower than it is!

On Monday we had dinner out in the country with this awesome old couple. They are so missionary minded. This ward is so great that way, they are all so missionary minded!
Tuesday was an awesome day! We had our studies and then drove to Modesto for the New Missionary/Trainer meeting. It was such a great meeting. There were so many chairs and tables out that President couldn’t get to the front of the room, so he just crawled under the table, it was so awesome! We sang a Christmas song and it was so beautiful and just filled the room with the spirit. President and Sister Palmer were crying. We went over some counseling items and then went into the prepare to learn. We talked about D&C 123:17 and we talked about how we need to do missionary work happily and really find joy in the journey. We then talked about some scriptures in 2 Kings. We were asked to lead a discussion on Alma 13. It went well. We need to choose to be chosen! We then separated in different rooms, trainers in one room and the new missionaries in another. We got to talk about our concerns and how we can best help our new missionaries. Sister Palmer said an experience she had with me, “I remember I went out with Sister Lynn her first week and she recited the first vision to some investigators from memory, I was so impressed!” That made me feel so good. We were reunited with our companions and we talked about what we learned. We made the long trip back to Ione. We tried a few potentials and made an appointment with Ronnie. Dinner was interesting. On the way to someone’s house, Sister Turinetti got her first flat. Luckily, we were close to the member’s house who said we could come by if we ever had bike problems. It was a goat head! They gave us a ride back. I was so frozen!
We had a lesson on Wednesday with a less active. She doesn’t have any desire to come back into a church building, but she is open to having us teach her. We started off teaching the Restoration and got into such a good discussion about the Atonement. It was cool and I think we made an impact on her. The Sister Training Leaders came over for lunch and we went on a quick split with them before they had to leave. We went and tried this member’s neighbor and we talked to her briefly and she is open to talk about things with us. She said she would even have us over for dinner. She is super cool. We had dinner with the ward clerk and his wife and she gave us little rice bag hand warmers. We went and saw Sister Gentry. She loved #LIGHTtheWORLD! It started raining and it was cold, but other than that it was a pretty good day!
On Thursday we had our district meeting early at 10 because some of the Elders had an appointment. We did this cool activity where we picked a situation out of cup and had to find a scripture to help them, it was super cool and super cool to see all that I knew! We got these awesome shirts made for our district! They are super cool, I designed them. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, I forgot to take one! We came back and finished studies We saw a less active and shared #LIGHTtheWORLD. She loved it. How can you not love that video? We tried a few potentials and had dinner with the Harmon’s. She made me something different because she forgot I can’t have milk and what she made had a lot of milk and dairy in it! I love their family! We saw the Scholes and followed up on their Light the World and then we saw the Tresner’s. It is so cool because the fire department goes around on the firetruck that’s all decked out in lights and blasts Christmas music with Santa sitting on the top and hands out candy canes, it’s so cool!
On Friday we started weekly planning and then headed to Lodi for President Interviews. We were the first ones after their lunch break and so I got more than 10 minutes with President! I love talking with him, it’s like talking to an old friend! I also talked to Sister Palmer, that’s always fun! I just love them and so happy they have been called to serve here! On the way home, we stopped in the country and tried some people. A lot of people weren’t home, but we did get Ghiradelli chocolate chips from someone! We finished weekly planning and had dinner with Sister Johnson and Luke. It was fun. I love sharing light the world with people!  It was kind of a slow night.
Saturday was a crazy day! It rained almost the entire day, so we walked and Sister Turinetti’s bike was out of commission. We saw the Hendrickson’s and they love Light the World. We tried a lot of people. We got in to see one potential, she is just not there yet, but we will visit her occasionally. We had dinner with the Bordwell’s and shared the Restoration with them, it’s cool to see the member’s perspectives. We went to the Johnson’s to get newspaper for our shoes and ended reading scriptures with them! They are the best! Normally I would’ve complained that it was wet and rainy and miserable, but I was happy. Yeah, it was miserable but I was so happy!
My mission days are limited and I just want to make the best of everyday and just like the Savior I want to give it my all! If you really want something and pray for it, Heavenly Father will gladly bless you!
We had church on Sunday, it was good. We did our studies and tried some people before dinner with the Gold’s. We taught the Plan of Salvation to the Hoyt’s. We tried Sarah, but she wasn’t home. As we were biking to go see someone else, she pulled up and we had a good talk with her. I love them so much!
Today we got a lot done and have dinner and FHE with our Bishop and his family.
This week should be good, we have lots of appointments already set up! I’m excited to see what happens and just to give it my all this week!
Everyone stay warm from the snow and have a great week and continue to participate in Light the World!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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