Umbrella’s are No Match for 9 Pomeranian’s!




Hello from California, where it does get cold!

I hope I have defrosted enough to be able to tell you all about my week!
What an adventurous week!
Apparently the post office closes at 430 here, and I had to get stamps and send a package! So we went to Walgreen’s and got stamps. It was so cool, this kid was trying to buy a gift card and he was $2 dollars short and so the man behind him gave him $2 dollars and at first the kid didn’t take it, but the man insisted. It was so cool to see something like that, that doesn’t happen everyday! We had dinner with the Bishop and his family and his employee’s family. We showed them how to do FHE and it was fun. The Busi’s are so great!
This whole transfer I have not done Castle Service, it got cancelled on Tuesday. We decided we would go help Sarah do some things around her house and it was divinely inspired that we didn’t have Castle Service, she really needed us. We tried a ton of potentials, people were home, just not interested. It started raining. We went out and tried some people in the country. We went to this less active family’s house and we got out of our car and then 12 dogs just started running towards us and barking, luckily I had my umbrella as a defense weapon! Umbrella’s are no match for 9 Pomeranian’s! The lady didn’t realize we were there or else she wouldn’t let her dogs out to go to the bathroom. It was like a horror film and did not feel real. We talked to her for a while and gave her a light the world card. We then had dinner with the Fowler clan. We taught the plan of salvation to the Haney’s and Bishop’s son came. He is preparing for a mission, so it is not only good practice for him, but also for us. The Haney’s gave us Krispy Kreme donuts from his work, that was nice. It was a good and long day!
On Wednesday, we had a lesson with a less active. Bishop came and they were in Jackson ward together and it was good for her to see him. The lesson went well, but she doesn’t want to come back to church. I finally made Sister Turinetti’s planner during lunch. We talked to this less active lady, people are just so busy. We had an appointment with Ronnie, but it fell through. We talked to a lot of people on the streets. We had dinner with the Harmon’s, they are such a great family! We had a lesson with a Less active at the church. It went well. We saw Sister Rowert and visited with her and she gave us a ride back in her pickup truck. We had lots of fun laughs today. I love my companion!
We were warned all day on Wednesday that there would be a storm on Thursday. People were saying it was going to be so bad. What do they mean by storm? A storm for two east coast girls could mean anything, haha! It was calm in the morning, but when we left for district meeting it was raining. District meeting was so good, we each led a training on the Christlike Attributes. I was given Diligence, that is my favorite Christlike Attribute. It was so good. We got pictures with our district shirts, they are so cool! We decided since it was raining, we would make it a country day. It was so rainy and windy, I had to tightly grip my umbrella with two hands or it would blow away. The wind would sometimes blow so hard that my umbrella flipped inside out. We tried some less actives and saw a potential and got a referral. The wind blew with such mighty gusts, that Sister Turinetti’s umbrella broke. So we had to huddle together under my umbrella, we became super close that day, haha! We had dinner with the Tresner’s. We were put on a secret mission to deliver Day 3 of 12 days of Christmas they are giving to a family in the ward. I almost blew it, but luckily no one knew! Mission accomplished! Turtle Doves out! After that, we went and saw the Bishop family and shared light the world. It was weird being in a car all day, but we felt that was most effective! So I guess a storm in California consists of heavy rain and strong winds!
It was so cold on Friday morning. We met with Bishop and talked about how we can best help the member’s with their missionary work. It was a very effective meeting. We then did weekly planning. We briefly saw Brother Rutledge and went out to the country and met with a less active old couple. They had just got a new freezer, which is kind of ironic because it’s cold outside. We shared Light the World with them. We then had dinner with the Gold’s and D’Agostini families. It was super cold. Neither of us felt like biking when we got back, so we walked. We saw the Custer’s car light was on and so we went to tell them and sure enough she needed our help with Christmas wrapping. It was kind of late, so we couldn’t stay too long, but it was cool that she was in need of help!
What a day it was on Saturday?! We had our first recent convert lesson with Brother Rutledge and the Johnson’s came. It went well. We went to the Johnson’s for our coordination meeting. It was so funny, he asked if he could get us anything and Sister Turinetti said “Some chocolate would be nice” and so he went into the kitchen and got some See’s candy chocolate for us. Ask and ye shall receive, haha! So our toilet has lot’s of issues that is nothing out of the ordinary, but it was having issues in the morning. We were afraid to use it and so Sister Turinetti went to flush it before she used the bathroom and it started over flowing. We tried calling our land lord, but didn’t get an answer. This is not the first time that has happened apparently. It has done that before, I am just thankful we have tile floor and not carpet like they used to. We went and helped Sister Custer wrap some more gifts. It was absolutely so cold. We tried some potentials and less actives and saw this older lady in the ward. Everyone was going to Christmas parties. I was so cold, I could have cried. Luckily it was time for our Christmas party dinner at the Tresner’s. We got to talk to a lot of people, it was nice, and warm! Sister Harmon came by and dropped off some presents. She was going to Costco and she had asked us if we needed anything and so she got me Z bars and my companion some other granola bars, but she wrapped them and they got us something else too. I know it’s a blanket and I have been tempted to unwrap it, but I will try my hardest to wait until Christmas! The ward members are so nice! They just love to take care of us missionaries!
We went to ward council on Sunday morning. They talked about shortening the time, but we always go over. That should be interesting! Church was good. The Patterson’s daughter just got back from her mission in Chicago. We finished the book in Gospel Principles, we don’t get to graduate, we get to start all over next year, haha! Relief Society ended early and we didn’t have nay need to stay after, so we were home by 105! We did our studies. As much as I like to make fun of the district, it has actually been really helpful. We contacted some potentials and a less active. We had dinner with the Campbell’s! I love them, they are such a great family. She has a daughter named Hanna, spelled the same way and she was talking about her and I kept thinking she was talking to me! It’s so weird to hear my own name! We shared the Restoration. Her son Jonah had a great explanation of the first vision, “And all the other churches were garbage”, it was so funny! It was so cold last night.
Today we exercised and cleaned and did lots of laundry. We were able to maneuver around the Jackson Wal-Mart without loosing a limb, so I consider it a pretty good day so far! We don’t really have any other plans today, but we are going to practice singing for our Mission Christmas Devotional on Thursday, we are going to try to sing “Gethsemane” as a district! It will either be really great or it could just go down “hill”!
I can’t believe Christmas is approaching! This is such a wonderful time of year! We have been asked as a mission to study the birth, life and mission of the Savior and so President Palmer has invited me to read “Jesus the Christ”. Minus all of the the big words, it is so great! I am just so thankful that we have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who loves us so much that he would suffer for us, so that we can make it back and live with Heavenly Father. I would invite all of you to reflect on how Jesus Christ has affected your lives. Remember him as you celebrate his birth.
I would invite you all to continue to participate in Light the World and continue to serve just as Christ did!
Merry Christmas!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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