Prime Rib Three Times Within 24 hours, Holy Cow!




Happy Boxing Day!

Also, Merry Christmas Adam! It was Christmas Eve and now it’s Christmas Adam, haha!
Well Christmas is now over, which means missionary should pick up, so I’m excited!
We went on exchanges starting on Monday night. I was sad to be away from my companion, but I knew Sister Webb and I would have a blast! It was so cold on Monday night.
On Tuesday, we went to Castle service and swept the floor, luckily this time they gave us face masks. Sister Webb persuaded me to try tracting, that is not something I normally do, but I was willing to give it a shot. No one was interested, but people were nice and also a little obsessed with cats. There was this house that had a creepy robotic Santa, that would turn it’s head and every once in a while a recording would come on, “I would never give anyone coal… a fruitcake, maybe! Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas!” It was the creepiest thing! We got 3 referrals from people and we had 3 Less Active lessons with some Less Actives that are almost impossible to see, so it was pretty awesome! Then in the evening we were again reunited as companions. I had fun, but I missed my companion!
Wednesday was awesome! We contacted a former the day before and then she said we can come back the next morning. It was awesome, her kids are so polite and just love us. We talked about how we celebrate Christmas and the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. We challenged her to read the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi specifically and she said she would. We have an appointment with her on the 4th! That is so exciting! We ventured out to the country. We tried to contact this Less Active and she got very angry with us and told us that the church needs to stop harassing her. Sister Turinetti said I handled it pretty well. The key is to not get defensive back! We also talked to a lot of people on street and people were so nice. We talked to this family and this little girl was so sweet. When we started walking away she said, “Those girls are so pretty!” It was so sweet! We had dinner with the older couple in ward and they just like to talk, we finally got to have a lesson. It was almost like they didn’t want us to leave. After we did get to leave, we went and saw Sarah and Isabella, they are the best!
Thursday was so much fun! We had to wake up early to go down to Modesto for our Mission Christmas Devotional! Our car was frosted over and so we put the defroster on high and full blast. I didn’t think I would run into that problem in California? We rehearsed our song for the devotional. There was a breakfast, but it was just mainly people talking and seeing old friends. It was so nice to see everyone. This is the only time the whole mission can get together, so it was pretty special! We got a mission picture and President threatened if anyone put up bunny ears they would be able to be home for Christmas. He would send them on the next plane home. We then had the devotional. It was just people performing Christmas songs and songs about Christ. We were second to last. Our district sang “Gethsemane”. I love that song! This Christmas I have focused so much on the Savior and what He has done for me. I love the words, they are so powerful. I think President had a few tears. I almost cried because I felt the spirit. President and Sister Palmer had a few closing remarks and they gave us gift bags that have little booklets from pictures taken throughout this year, it was awesome! I also got my Christmas packages. Our Tiwi wouldn’t let me login, so luckily we were at the mission office, so we reset it and everything works now. We made the trek back to Ione and had quick studies and tried to go see people before dinner. We had dinner with Sister Rowert. She gave us a ton of food to take home and gave us some presents. It was so nice. She also gave us a ride home, it makes her feel better. After she dropped us off, we saw a LA/PMF. They are so nice and we got to share a message with them. They also gave us a present. I feel so loved. People have also given us so many treats, it’s a bit too much, but it is nice to be loved!
On Friday we had an appointment with Brother Rutledge, but he was not home. We had our coordination meeting with Brother Johnson. It rained and was super windy. Luckily, we had weekly planning. We had to go talk to the Hendrickson’s about some things wrong with our house and then we tried to share a message with them. They are so funny. We have dinner with them tonight so it should be fun! We had dinner with the Gold’s. They are so awesome. we saw the Hawkins and talked to Brother Patterson about some people we had visited. Our blinds now close and our shower drains, it is a Christmas miracle!
Christmas Eve on Saturday! We did our studies and helped Sister Campbell make rolls. Her two sons banter back and forth with each other, it is so funny. It reminds me of when my brothers get together! We had lunch and we baked cookies to give to some families and sing Christmas carols. It was fun. We went to our dinner. It was fun. We had prime rib and homemade rolls. We did a white elephant gift exchange. I got XL reindeer slippers that no one wanted to steal. That’s okay, they match my XL Pajama bottoms, haha! We went and saw Sister Gentry. She is so sweet and is getting herself closer the temple! We planned and I opened my pajamas! I prepped my Monkey Bread for Christmas morning. It was a good day!
It’s Christmas!!! We opened presents. I feel so loved. I got so many practical things, my parents are the best! We made monkey bread, except the sauce spilled off the side all over the counter when I flipped it on the plate, it was a huge sticky mess and now we don’t have a lot of the best part, but that’s okay! We quickly got ready and did our studies before sacrament meeting. They had a little Christmas musical program and a missionary farewell. We came back and did 12 week. We had lunch at the Johnson’s, more prime rib!? Then I got to Skype my family! That was so awesome! I just love my family so much! We then went and saw Sarah and Isabella. We had dinner with the Haney’s. Guess what…? More prime rib! I have had prime rib 3 times within 24 hours, Holy Cow! We then went and saw the Busi’s. We sang Christmas carols. They are just so great. It was a great day!
Today we came down to Lodi. The Jackson Wal-Mart would be packed, and we need to make some returns. Hopefully we will get to play sports later!
This week hopefully things will start picking up. It’s also the last week of the transfer. Sister Turinetti and I hope we will be companions again next transfer! We never know, it is all in the Lord’s hands!
I hope everyone has a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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