Looks Like the Groundhog Saw His Shadow Early and That Means 6 More Weeks in Ione!




Happy New Year Everybody!

I can’t believe it is officially 2017!
2016 has just flown by! It was such a great year spending the whole time serving as a full time missionary!
I found out that I am an Aunt!!! I’m so excited!!!
Well, we got transfer calls last night *drum roll*… Looks like the groundhog saw his shadow early and that means 6 more weeks in Ione! I am staying with the best companion ever, Sister Turinetti and I will be finishing her 12 week training! I am so excited!
On Monday, we had dinner with the Hendrickson’s, she just cracks me up. We saw a LA/PMF and it went really well. I can tell he wants to come back to church, but I don’t think she is ready to get baptized yet. It was a very productive evening and I forgot that it was Preparation Day because it was so productive, until I got home and realized I still had laundry to fold!
Tuesday can be described in one word, Awkward! Tuesday was just a hard day. We had so many awkward encounters and it was just hard. Almost everyone we planned for we got to see, but people were either busy or not interested. We went and saw Sister Rowert and tried a few other people. Days like this happen, but it is important to not let days like that bring you down. I tried to stay positive and my Companion was very encouraging.
Wedenesday I was awoken at 1:15 by my bed shaking. I was not totally aware and I saw car lights out the window and I thought for some weird reason a truck was driving on our lawn? It was just a car on the street, but anyway, the shaking was an Earthquake! I am so proud to say I survived and felt a California Earthquake! People told me I wouldn’t feel one, but I did! I cannot get over it, mission accomplished! We had a really good lesson with the less active we have been working with. Her son came and sat down towards the end of the lesson. We invited him, if he was interested to come to Young Men and his Mom asked him if he would like that and he said yes! That is a step in the right direction! He is not baptized so he has a lot of potential! We had a lesson with the Rutledge’s, but they didn’t show up. We saw a sort of recent convert family. We saw 2 potentials, one is not interested, but super nice. We had a lesson with the Hawkin’s and had dinner with the Jenkin’s. People can’t get over the fact that we bike out in the cold until 9 every night. That is what being a missionary is all about! We tried contacting a potential, but he is not interested and we saw the Adair’s.
On Thursday we had zone training in Lodi. It was so awesome! We talked about some counseling items and we watched an interesting safety video. We talked about Less Actives and how we can help them. We need to be the missionary that you hope to be in your less active relative’s area. That also applies to everyone. We watched this really great video called, “Reach Out with Love”, it is so good! I recommend that everybody watches it! It shows that we need to be a friend before we start trying to get them to come back to church! There was such a great spirit in the room. We went to Chipotle with the Galt Spanish Sisters, it was fun! We drove back and did 12 week. We tried some potentials and less actives. Our dinner was interesting. She hadn’t started it when we got there and it was just kind of awkward. She made tuna, but there was no way I could keep that down, so I bravely asked for peanut butter and they were completely okay with it! We saw an older couple in the ward and read scriptures with Sarah.
On Friday we got to start our weekly planning right away. Weekly planning always takes forever, but we had a good companionship inventory, so it was good. We tried to contact a referral and tried to see a few former’s. Our dinner cancelled because we didn’t want head lice, so we went to the Harmon’s. They are such a great family! The kids think we are celebrities! We went and saw this lady who is moving in from Modesto. We have been trying to see her for a long time and finally our appointment worked out. We also saw Sister Stowell.
It was kind of rainy on Saturday. I finished the Book of Mormon for my 13th time. I just love the Book of Mormon and just want to keep reading it again and again! I had a focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is what makes up the Book of Mormon, it is all about Christ! We went to Jackson to do some online 12 week training. We had miles leftover and so we decided to make it a country day. We saw this new move in and she had crazy jumping dogs, but I survived. We gave her a Book of Mormon and let her know when church was. We saw a less active lady. There was this drunk man that was not walking straight and we weren’t sure what he was going to do so we hid behind cars and kept our distant until we got to our car. We went and tried this other new move in and it took us to a marina for Lake Amador, so random. After praying about it, we decided to call him and he told us that he appreciated us calling, but is not ready for visitor’s. We then went and tried some other people and on the way there was a skunk in the middle of the road, and we drove by way slow, we could not get sprayed. We saw the Whitmer’s and helped her make a gingerbread house. We had new year’s dinner with the relief society president and the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric. It was nice and relaxing. We got a text about 5 saying we had to be in by 730 unless we had an appointment. We did have an appointment with Sister Gentry before she has back surgery on Wednesday. We came back and planned. A member came by and gave Sister Turinetti a pizza and me a 4 lb jar of peanut butter and a big bottle of honey! The members are so great! We celebrated new years at 9 because back home it was midnight! It was fun!
Happy New Year on Sunday! We started off the year losing power in the middle of getting ready. I almost burned myself 3 times lighting a candle, but thank goodness the lights came back on! We had our coordination meeting and the lights went out again as we waited for ward council to start, but they came back a couple minutes later. We had a great ward council and we shared “Reach Out with Love” and everybody loved it! We had 2 farewell talks in Sacrament meeting and I almost lost it. A mission is so precious and I remember when that was me. We started the book over again in gospel principles and talked about President Hinckley in relief society. We came back and had lunch and did studies. Sister Turinetti has completed 6 weeks of her 12 week training. We tried some people and had dinner with the Mitchell’s and then we saw Sarah and Isabella. We hurried home and planned and I got in the shower before our transfer call that would be coming at 9:30. I got out of the shower at 9:10 thinking I had plenty of time, but then sister Turinetti knocks on the door and saying the assistants were calling. Elder Grover called and said that we were both staying! I am so excited, we are going to have a great transfer!
Today it rained in Ione and we are down in Lodi. Hopefully there aren’t too many changes, especially with my district. Whatever happens is in the Lord’s hands!
So many great things happened this year. So many people got baptized and I met so great people and experienced so many wonderful things. I changed so much as a person and I am more who I want to be and who Heavenly Father wants me to be. This next year is going to be interesting, I will be a missionary for some of it and then I get to go back to the real world and go back to school, scary to think about. I just want to focus now on fulfilling my purpose as a Missionary and enjoy every minute of this special call. I wish I could just stay on my mission forever, but 2017 will be a great year!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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