Maybe We Should Start Building an Ark?




This week has been so rainy. It’s supposed to be even rainier this week, so I might need to trade my bike in for a row boat or maybe we should start building an ark?

On Tuesday we went and did castle service. It rained a lot. We tried people in town and then we were walking to go try someone else and a car drove by and splashed us, that did not just happen. We had planned to go out in the country part of the day, but decided we were going earlier than we planned. It wasn’t just rainy, it was also super windy. We tried people in the country and saw one family and then we had dinner with Bishop and his family. We had a really good lesson with them on the gospel of Jesus Christ. They also gave us 2 referrals.
The power went out during the night on Wednesday. It was so funny because Sister Turinetti didn’t know it went out until I got up to reset the clock. We had a really good lesson with a less active and she will come back to church, I just know it! We went and saw Ronni and Cody and had a lesson with them and made an appointment with them on Tuesday. We treid lots of people and it was super nasty outside. We saw an older couple and dinner with the Scholes. We had a lesson with a less active at the church and it went well. We decided that we needed to get to the car because it was a little ridiculous with the wind and the rain. We went and saw Sarah and read scriptures with her and Isabella’s non member friend was there and hopefully she will want to start learning more. It was a wet day.
We had our first district meeting of the transfer on Thursday. We talked about chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel. It is about our missionary purpose and everyone had such great things to say! I led a training on “A Successful Missionary” it went really well. We did the online part of 12 week at the church and then we came back and got warm clothes because it was so cold. We met this man and had a crazy encounter when we asked if he knew his neighbors. He asked me why he needs to know his neighbors and then he said something like, “I hear about all the shootings on TV” and then his neighbor came out and he was like, “Here, maybe he wants to hear your message” and it’s funny because the other guy was hard of hearing and they were yelling at each other, “What? What?” He wasn’t interested either, it was the craziest encounter and it was hard not to laugh. we saw an older lady in the ward and she let me use her electric heating pad because my feet were so cold. We had dinner with the former relief society president and shared a really great message and she told us how much she appreciates all that we do and the example we are, especially for her grandchildren. We went and saw Brother Hansen and he set up a dinner appointment with us that he was going to invite one of his cub scouts too. He is so great. We saw the Tyrell’s. It was such a cold night.
We did service for Brother Hansen on Friday. We raked leaves in his garden. We then went back and started weekly planning. In the middle of weekly planning, Sister Palmer came and dropped some mail off. She is the best, I love her so much! She always talks about our green kitchen and our hideous lamps every time she comes. After weekly planning, we went and tried some people. We had dinner at our house for the first time in forever. I made cheesy buttery noodles for us and it was a winner! We tried some other people and then we went and saw Sister Bishop. She was warning us about the weather and to watch out for the pineapple express and that is not to be confused with the Polar Express! We scheduled a dinner with Sarah. It was such a cold night.
So they said it was supposed to be horrible weather on Saturday, it was mainly just windy. We briefly saw Brother Rutledge at the door and tried to see some formers. We had our coordination meeting with Brother Johnson and got a lot accomplished. They gave us a giant box of hot hands, they are the best. We had planned for the country and went and saw the Brown’s. They are so missionary minded. They are the best, they took us to go try and see their friends, but the gate was locked, but it was so awesome! She gave us bread to deliver to another neighbor. She was nice, but was happy with her religion. She wants us to come back sometime to talk about life. We had dinner with the Hoyt’s, they are so great! The rest of the night was slow.
We went to ward council on Sunday and just beat the rain before we came in. Testimony meeting was so great and all themed about missionary work. We have 4 missionaries leaving by the end of the month and 3 just left. The rest of church was good. We had quick studies and went out. We decided it would be more productive to use our car. We tried a few people. We went out walking and the wind and rain were so strong, we still got wet. We had dinner with the Hoyt’s again, she didn’t realize she signed up both days, but said was glad to have us for both days. We saw Sister Gentry, she just had back surgery and just came back. We also saw the Jenkins, they are so great.
We had a wicked thunderstorm at about 230 this morning. We went exercising and cleaned and studied this morning. We washed the car even though it’s supposed to be raining all week. Exact Obedience brings miracles! We went shopping and got rain boots! Sister Palmer said we could wear them! It looks like it may start raining. We are planning on playing the game “Pie Face” with the Elders later today!
Well I hope everyone stays safe from the varying weather conditions!
I just love being a missionary!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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