Charity is the Pure Love of Christ




Well, I survived this week! It was pretty crazy with all of the rain and the flooding!

On Monday I forgot to mention that it was my 16 month mark, so crazy!? The rains began in the evening. We got in to see a less active who we were trying to see forever. Her husband is the fire chief and she works there too. She said we could come on by and get a tour of the firehouse and ride the fire engine, I guess that is one way to get to know the streets of Ione! It was really awesome that we got to meet with her!
It rained all day on Tuesday. I am not lying when I said all day. It was a tough day. Our service cancelled and we tried everyone we planned for and they were either not home or busy. It was hard. My rain boots worked great, but I still got soaked because it wasn’t only raining it was also very windy too. I almost lost my umbrella a few times. I had to change my clothes. We had a lesson with a more recent convert and talked to him about becoming an Elder and he said that he was working on it. That is something we are focusing on is Perspective Elders. We had dinner with the Hendrickson’s, they are so funny. We saw the Johnson’s and she took us home and good thing she did, because a few minutes after we got in, it just poured rain. In the beginning of planning our lights went out, so we had to plan by flashlight. When we were saying the closing prayer, the lights came back on! So I quickly took a shower in case they went out again. What a crazy day!
Wednesday was another rough day. The weather wasn’t as bad, but it was still rough. We had some texts on our phone asking if we were okay, if our house flooded and if we knew the street we live off of was closed because of flooding. We had no idea because we slept through the whole thing! I guess it was pretty crazy during the night. The creek by our house flooded, but we did not get any water in the house and we were okay. All of our appointments cancelled and every one we tried was not home or they were busy and couldn’t meet. We did see a wild peacock which was pretty random. He was just chilling on a trash can! Even our dinner cancelled, so we had dinner with the Johnson’s. We went to mutual to talk to a sister about her neighbor who is interested in getting baptized and we scheduled an appointment with her on Thursday. We also talked to another lady in the ward who’s grand kids got permission from their Mom to get baptized so we are teaching them on Tuesday. I am so excited. These kids have wanted to be baptized for a long time and it is so exciting!
Thursday I started not to feel so great. There has been this crazy cold that has been going around and even though I faithfully take my vitamins and Emergen-C every day, I think I got it. We had district meeting. It was really good, we talked about how the bible and Book of Mormon support each other. It was really great and I just love my district! We went out in the country and tried people in a trailer park out there and even there no one could meet either. We had dinner with the Fowler’s, I love them. The kids just love us and Sister Fowler says that she appreciates what we do and the example we are to her kids. They are trying to find people for us to teach, which is so awesome! We taught the Haney’s the gospel of Jesus Christ and we saw Sister Rowert.
It was super cold on Friday. I got a bloody nose during personal study, it was weird. We had an appointment with the Rutledge’s, but it fell through. We did weekly planning and saw a less active lady. She is going to be on The Price is Right and she has the cutest baby cow. We tried a few people and got a referral from a not interested less active. We had dinner with the Hawkins, I just love them! We taught the Restoration to the McDermed’s, he is the ward clerk. They said I am very good at getting back on track and staying on topic.
Saturday was another freezing day. I finished reading Preach My Gospel for the second time on my mission. It was so cold and it looked and felt like it could have snowed. A lot of people weren’t home. We saw the Bown’s and the Lively’s. We had dinner with the Rust’s and we taught them the Plan of Salvation. We saw Sister Gentry and briefly saw a former investigator.
It was kind rough on Sunday night into the morning. It felt like I got hit by a train, I did not feel good. I could not stop coughing. We had our coordination meeting and then ward council. We had another missionary farewell. The rest of church was good. We tried a potential investigator after church and every time we go over there, some one different answers the door. We had lunch and did our studies. We met this less active, he is not interested, but was really nice about it. We had dinner with the Campbell’s, I love them so much. I was out of tissues (I had a full box on Saturday morning) and so she gave me a box of tissues and some cough drops. We tried some other people and saw Sister Stowell.
It was another rough night last night. Good thing my companion is a heavy sleeper because I was coughing all night. I actually got up to go cough in the living room so I wouldn’t disturb her. I can testify that the power of prayer is real because I prayed that I would be able to stop coughing and blowing my nose for the rest of the time I had to sleep and I was able to do that. Of course, as soon as I got up I started coughing again, but he does answer prayers!  We cleaned the apartment and washed the car and went shopping. We will probably play sports with the Elder’s today. The internet is still acting funny, so I hope I will be able to send pictures!
We have been sharing Moroni 7:45 & 46 with people this week and we have been replacing Charity with Christ and it has a really cool perspective. I love this because Charity is the pure love of Christ and it is so important that we cleave unto Christ and that Christ never fails and we need to be like Christ and show Charity!

 45 And Christ suffereth long, and is kindand envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh notHis own, is not easily provokedthinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

46 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not Christye are nothing, for Christ never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto Christwhich is the greatest of all, for all things must fail—

Well I hope everyone has a great week. There has been a break in the rain, but it’s supposed to start back up I think Tuesday or Wednesday, so I’m ready! I am so excited for our appointments this week, it is so exciting!

Have a great day!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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