When We Committed Them to Baptism, they Started Dancing!



What a week it has been! Very different than last week. The only similarity is the rain, there actually might have been more this week than last week.

Monday we had family home evening with the Harmon’s and talked about the talk, “I Will Bring the Light of the Gospel into my Home” by Jean B. Bingham. We did this cool object lesson and painted water color signs with that quote on it.
I didn’t have much of a voice on Tuesday. We went out to the country and found out a lot of people have moved or have locked gates. We had our first lesson with the Whittenburg’s grandchildren. We were just teaching Ella and Sawyer, they have a Brother is not as ready yet. The lesson went well, they know this stuff so much and when we committed them to baptism, they started dancing! They are getting baptized on 11 February! We didn’t know when we planned it, but that is their Grandpa’s birthday and he is baptizing them! It was so amazing. I didn’t feel good, but it was an amazing day!
Wednesday I went on exchanges. The Sister Training Leaders came for companion study. I went to the Spanish Branch in Lodi. Good thing, because I really didn’t have a voice. I sounded like a teenage boy and a chain-smoker. I got to help Hermana Curtis with her language study and then we had a lesson with an investigator. They don’t have lights or heat and it was freezing and they had all of these candles around the house, they were such humble people. Although I didn’t really understand what was going on, I could feel the spirit. That was cool. It was so stormy. We tried some potentials, but apparently people like to sleep when it is rainy and windy outside. We had dinner with a member. All 6 of the Spanish Sister’s were there. That was cool. So the people we ate with portion it out and get offended if we don’t eat it all. She gave us 3 fully loaded tostadas. They were so huge. There was no way I could it eat it all. Luckily, the lights went out and so no one could really see and they didn’t sit with us, so I was off the hook. It was so good though. We went and saw a partially active family. The dad is active and the mom and daughter are less active. I had no idea what was going on? We then saw an active family and they were super nice. We did an activity where they share their favorite scripture, quote, picture or hymn and then they were challenged to post it on Social Media. It was a long confusing day, but I had fun. I also said part of my prayers in Spanish!
On Thursday we had zone training in Lodi. It was nice to reunite back with Sister Turinetti. The zone training was about finding. We went around the room and shared finding scriptures and we talked about 8 ways President has asked us to try in finding. We have been doing a lot of them and I am excited to implement them in the work. We had district meeting after and talked about the meeting. It was Sister Turinetti’s and Elder Brown’s birthdays on Saturday so I made them a cake! We ate lunch at the church and had companion study and then we had a lesson with Heighly. She is a member’s neighbor who has been coming to mutual. She is so sweet and so awesome. She is so prepared. We answered a lot of her questions and taught the Restoration. She is so excited to come to church and we committed her to baptism! It was so awesome. We had a lesson with Ella and her brother Charlie. Sawyer was sick. It was rainy. We saw the Jenkins and taught them the restoration, she said it helped with her seminary lesson! It was a good, long day!

I had left my umbrella at the Jenkins and it was pouring rain, so for exercise on Friday we walked quickly back and forth on our front porch, very interesting. We did weekly planning. We did some service for Sister Campbell. We had dinner with Brother Hansen and one of his cubs and the cub’s mom. It was awesome. We then watched the restoration video and talked about the Book of Mormon. We invited them to church. It was awesome!
Happy Birthday Sister Turinetti. Saturday was my companion’s birthday! It was kind of rainy. We saw Sister Scholes. She is Heighly’s beehive teacher and we let her know she was coming. We saw Sister Gentry. She had the dogs out, so I had to wrestle them to protect my companion, I am not going to have a dog when I am older! It was really cold. We tried some people and then we had dinner with Harmon’s, it was supposed to be the Johnson’s, but the Harmon’s filled in! It was so fun! We taught the Restoration. We saw Sister Stowell.
We had coordination meeting on Sunday and then ward council. It was another missionary farewell and a missionary came home. They are siblings too. It was cool. We went to gospel principles and then we got asked to teach primary. It was the 9 and 10 year olds. It was all girls and Sister Rowert had to come with us, because we needed a responsible adult present. They were a little crazy and I found it funny that the lesson was on how Joseph Smith prepared to receive the golden plates and we had like 5 minutes to prepare. We survived and then came home and had lunch and did studies. It was raining and within 5 minutes, it just started pouring. It was like flash flood hard. We had dinner with the Johnson’s, they are the best and we shared the restoration with them. We also met with Brother Johnson after and discussed how the missionary work has been going in the ward. We tried some people and we saw the Tresner’s.
We did all of our usual preparation day things. I hope the rain is done for a while, I don’t know? I am glad that I have a nice raincoat and rain boots. We have an appointment tonight with a former investigator and a family home evening lesson. It should be good!
This week we have a lot of appointments already set up. I am so excited. Missionary work is so great!
Have a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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