Be as Good as You Can Be and Let God Magnify You to Who He Wants You to Become”!




What a week! Sooo many changes!!!

On Monday we had a lesson with a former and Sister Rowert came with us. Her name is Crystal and she wants God back in her life and said she would come to church. We had an FHE with an active family and encouraged them to invite their friends to church or activities. We also saw a Less Active. It was a pretty successful day!
Tuesday was a very crazy day. We did service at the Castle by painting with a LA/PMF. On the way back we got a call from the Assistants, “Are you on your way?” On our way to what? We were confused and then he said to the new missionary meeting. It was starting. We had no idea there was a new missionary meeting. We hurried up and came home to change. We started driving to Modesto and they told us we didn’t have to come because by the time we got there, the meeting would’ve been almost over. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to get to Modesto. I was so bummed and felt so irresponsible. I was so looking forward to the meeting. I love missionary meetings and I would be able to see some friends. We got a call from our zone leaders and they called to apologize that they forgot to tell us about the meeting. In the past I would’ve totally been mad and probably blamed them, but it was a mistake and I was able to easily forgive them. If we had went to the meeting we wouldn’t have been able to teach 2 lessons. We taught Sawyer and Ella the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we taught Heighly the Word of Wisdom. It all went great. We then had to drive to the other side of our area for our dinner appointment with the Brown’s. They are so awesome. She is sick with a cold and so she stayed away from us and had a mask on, it was so cute. They said some really great things about us and told us that we were sacred vessels of the Lord and that we are humble and good hard workers. I am not that humble! We updated the area booked and planned. What a day!
Wednesday we had to get up early and go down to Modesto for The World Wide Missionary Broadcast! It was so awesome because the whole mission was there. It was such a good meeting. Elder Bednar just laid it down! They talked about teach repentance and baptize converts. Bonnie L. Oscarson had some great things to say as well. There are so many changes. Our schedule changed!!! We now don’t have to plan at night, we get an hour and half to get ready in the morning, we plan in the morning, We do personal at 9, only have half an hour for lunch, we can choose when to do our companion study, 12 week is only half an hour and preparation day is now 2 hours longer and it starts at 8! We can also go to bed at 930 if we want to! So crazy! The want us to be able to use more agency and they have more trust in us. It is also to help have a smooth transition home. We also only have to report 4 key indicators now. The times are changing and I like it! The meeting was so great. We got to talk to people after and it was nice to see my old friends. The assistants came and told us that we would not be forgotten again, that’s a relief! We met with 3 other companionship’s and the zone leaders to discuss what was talked about in the new missionary meeting. Apparently they didn’t tell another set of sisters, so that made me feel better. We ate lunch at the Dale Rd. building and had a quick companion study because we were going out to the country, we didn’t want to back track. We tried some people and met with a member to talk about her friend and she said that she will talk to her. We had an appointment with Ella and Sawyer and we talked about tithing and fast offerings. We also had dinner with them. We met with our HPGL and talked about perspective Elders. What a day! I love what Elder Bednar said, “Be as good as you can be and let God Magnify you to who he wants you to become”. So good!
It was so weird having an hour and half to get ready on Thursday morning. I got to take my time and I had time to bake! It was so weird planning in the morning too. We went to district meeting and talked about the meeting on Wednesday. It was so good. I could really feel the spirit. I just love my district! Lunch is really short now. We did companion study and 12 week. That is so short too. We tried some people in town and then dinner in the country. We had fish tacos with fish sticks in it. I didn’t put one in mine, but I did try it. The first bite I drenched in BBQ sauce and it wasn’t so bad, the second bite didn’t have as much on it and no, it wasn’t good. But I tried it! We saw the Hawkins and the Bishop’s.
It is so weird planning in the morning now. I feel like I managed my time a little better than the day before. Since it is Friday we did weekly planning. We met with Bishop in the middle and talked about implementing our 8 finding ideas. He wanted us to be part of 5th Sunday for the youth and teaching them about inviting, role playing and teach them the plan of salvation. We came back and finished planning. We had an appointment but it cancelled. We had dinner with Sister Rowert and again we had fish, this time it was salmon. Something fishy is going on with the dinner calendar?! We tried a few people, but no one was home or they couldn’t visit. I love my companion, we have the funnest conversations and she can tease me about things and I don’t get mad, it’s so fun!
Saturday was long. We tried a few people and then had to come back so Sister Palmer could come and put dowels in the windows to be safer and more secure. She is the best, I love her. Sister Turinetti and I have a private fan club for President and Sister Palmer, we just love them! It was such a beautiful day. We saw Sister Gentry and had dinner with the Ward Clerk. We saw the Scholes. When we were determining where to go, this lady came out of her car and we talked to her. She asked us if we knew God. It was interesting. We saw Sarah briefly. It was an interesting day.
Church was so good on Sunday. We had coordination meeting and then ward council. The speakers in sacrament were so good, they talked a lot about being a missionary. We prepared for our 5th Sunday, 3rd hour lesson with this RM in the ward that got back last week, his name is Davey, Our missions are so different. It was fun teaching the youth and the YSA were our investigators. It was very interesting. We came back and had lunch and studies. We talked to a former on the way to dinner. We had dinner with the Blanco’s and then we taught Crystal with Sister Rowert and her friend. It went well. We saw Sister Stowell and taught her the plan of salvation. I completely forgot that we had scheduled to do 12 week at 830 and we missed it. This new schedule definitely is a learning process. We prayed about it and figured out what to do. Crazy day!
It was nice having preparation day start at 8. We are planning on going hiking with our district soon, that should be fun!
I hope everyone has a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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