No Day is Ever the Same!




dsc02762-2It has been another great week!

Last Monday we went hiking at Lake Tabeaud in Jackson with the Elders. It was so much fun! I love them and I love hiking. We had a good lesson with Ella and Sawyer and then we had FHE with the Campbell’s and Bordwell’s.
On Tuesday, we did castle service and picked up sticks. We went to the country and talked to a less active member and tried some people in a trailer park. We talked to a lot of people on the street. We had dinner with Nygren’s. We were there a few minutes early so we were going to knock some houses, but the kids followed us. We taught the Hoyt’s the law of tithing lesson. It was a busy day.
On Wednesday we made a couple of appointments with people. We talked to this guy who is agnostic and he told us we needed to become pilots because they need more female pilots. It was warm so I had on a lighter jacket, with no boots and tights. It felt so great for about an hour. We saw this Less active who doesn’t really ever let us in, but we got in and shared a message. She has the cutest little girls. We went and put warmer clothes on and went with a girl named Sierra to teach this former. We were all on bikes, because she really wanted to try it. He wasn’t home, but we rescheduled. We had dinner by ourselves and made cake mix cookies using all the Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark from Christmas. We got invited to go to mutual at Bishop’s. It was a bonfire. They were going to retire some flags, but it didn’t happen. The flaming arrows didn’t quite make it to the pile, so it took a while to light, but one it did it was cool… or I guess, warm! Heighly came and said she really enjoyed it. We were asked to share a message and some of the youth bore their testimonies. It was a good night.
We had a zone training on Thursday. It was awesome. Our district was there before everyone else. The Hills represent! We went over counseling items. The Newcum’s led a training about unity and we got asked to lead a training on seeking Validation from God and not from man. We had good participation. We also talked about scriptures on how the Savior trained. We didn’t get to share ours because we ran out of time. It was a good meeting. We took a zone picture. I took Sister Turinetti for her first trip to Panera and she loved it! Traffic was heavy on the way back. We taught Ella and Sawyer the Law of Chastity and eternal marriage. We then taught Heighly part of the plan of salvation. She is so awesome, she hasn’t had tea and she said that she realized she has a testimony and that she feels closer to Christ! Yes, I’m fulfilling my purpose! We rushed to dinner with an older couple and their non member friend. Guess what we had? Fish… again! It was Mahi Mahi. I was going to try a little until she said that if I didn’t want to I didn’t have to eat it! It was nice though to talk to their non member friend who they have been working with. We didn’t get a chance for studies, so we did studies the rest of the night. I love this new schedule!
Friday was a crazy busy day! We started weekly planning and then had to go down to Lodi to get our car serviced and for President interviews! I love President Interviews! That was my last normal 10 minute interview, crazy!? We went and got our car and headed back to Ione. It was rainy on and off all day. We continued weekly planning and then we saw this family who we just their records. His dad sent his records. They had lived there a while. He is less active and his wife is not a member. They want to start coming to church because they want it for their kids, so awesome! We have an appointment on Friday with them! We had dinner with the Jenkins, they always have the funniest stories. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. We tried to finish weekly planning, but we had an appointment. We taught Sister Stowell the Restoration. I just love teaching!
On Saturday we met with Brother Johnson and talked about the baptism! We finally finished weekly planning. We had an appointment with the Rutledge’s, but they weren’t home. We saw Sister Gentry, her dogs are so crazy! Everyone was so worried that we didn’t have a dinner and thought we were going to starve, no one was available to feed us that night. That’s okay, we had fun times reliving our college days. We saw the Tyrell’s and then we saw Ryan and Britten Gold. We talked about how we can help Ronnie and Cody. So Brother Gold got his wedding ring stuck in their recliner and they were trying for a week to get it out and with our tiny hands we were able to get his ring, it was so funny. It was a crazy day. No day is ever the same!
It was cold on Sunday morning. We had ward council and we got a lot accomplished. Fast and testimony meeting was so good, you could really feel the spirit. Gospel principles and relief society were super good too. We strategically planned our day because we knew it was the super bowl. We saw the Harmon’s and taught a lesson about the Holy Ghost and it went well. We did our studies. Because it was the super bowl, our dinner dropped it off at our house because the family was watching the game. So glad I wasn’t around it, it would’ve ruined the spirit I felt during the day. We taught the Custer’s the Restoration and it went well. My companion really shined. It was so awesome! We teach so well together and she has grown so much! We just have so much fun together. There was a frog in our bathroom, but then it disappeared??
Well, we found the frog this morning. It was in the bathroom and so I caught it and put it in a jar. We named it Francisco the Frog. We washed the car and we are so glad we didn’t dry it because it rained right after. We cleaned and in the middle of it, the power went out. Luckily it came back on because we still had laundry. The power was sort of out at Safeway today, but we still got our Clif Bars, we are obsessed. We got a lot done today. So no one told us they were going down to Lodi, so it’s just us. We have an appointment tonight with our investigator Crystal and I am excited.
This is the last week of the transfer. So crazy? I have no idea what will happen? I know it will be wherever the Lord wants me to spend my last 6 weeks as a missionary!
We have a baptism on Saturday and I am so excited! I just love bringing other’s closer to Christ!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna

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