A Happy Day That I Will Remember Forever!



Wow! What a week! It was full of teaching, rain, flooding, 2 baptisms, new investigators, transfer calls and the spirit!

Well, we got our transfer calls last night about 9:40! Looks like I will be ending my mission in the sweet, little town of Ione with the best companion ever, Sister Turinetti! I am so happy that I am staying. There is so much work going, I couldn’t leave. I guess I own, Ione! The ward will be so happy, they didn’t want us to leave!
On Monday we taught Crystal the Restoration and she committed to coming to church. It was raining really hard, so we drove. We saw a less active family and shared a message with them.
It was pouring rain and windy on our walk on Tuesday morning. We tried to see people in town and then tried to see people in the country. We had a good lesson with Ella and Sawyer and with Heighly. She is on date for March 11th! We had dinner with Ryan and Britten Gold. They were going to invite Ronni and Cody, but they couldn’t do it. They felt bad, but it was the fact they made the effort. We taught them the Restoration and then taught Sister Rowert the Plan of Salvation.
On Wednesday we helped a LA/PMF pack because they are moving. It was rainy on and off all day. It was a slower day and not a lot of people were home. We helped the YW with their camp fundraiser. We had an FHE with the Tresner’s and their non-member friends who go to Jackson. It was a very quick lesson about Jesus, but we got to talk more in depth to the parents, especially about the Atonement, that was great. We played Mormon Bingo. It looks like the one we use at Christmas. One of the little girls was just focused on eating the M&Ms. The other little girl has so much energy. Brother Tresner forgot about dinner because his wife was at work before and had just gotten home when we got there. It was pretty funny. We tried some people and then saw the McDermed’s and we shared a message about the Holy Ghost. We got heart attacked by the activity day girls!
Thursday marked 17 months out on my mission! We had our last district meeting of the transfer. Sister Palmer was there for part of it. I led a training on “Live What You Learn” from Preach My Gospel chapter 2. It was really great and I could really feel the spirit. I loved my district! Ella and Sawyer had their baptismal interview and they both passed. We had our last lesson after. I am so excited for those girls! It’s been so fun to watch them grow and to teach them! We went out to the country and taught the Whitmer’s who always want to give us Ghiradhelli chocolate. I love when my companion and I teach with so much unity and we can both really feel the spirit and teach by the spirit. It happens all the time and it is so great! I feel like that’s how it should be. We taught the Ray’s the Restoration and they are going to invite a non-member friend next time, it’s awesome! We had dinner with the Robert’s and taught them as well. We met with Brother Johnson about details for the baptism. It was another, icky rainy day. It was a busy day.
It was absolutely pouring on our walk on Friday. We were going to walk one direction, but it was flooded so we had to go the other way, so crazy. We did weekly planning. The sun actually came out! We went and taught the Pederson’s. His records just came in and it’s a LA/PMF. We taught all of them including their kids. When we shared Moroni 10:3-5, we asked what is this talking about? And the girl responded, “baptism!”. Yes, ultimately that is what is was talking about! It was so awesome. They all want to get baptized. It is so great! The work of Salvation is the happiest thing in the world! We tried to see some other people, but a lot of people couldn’t meet. We had dinner with Sister Rowert and we had spicy Thai food. I love thai food, but not too spicy. I think I now know what heartburn feels? We taught her the restoration. I just love teaching! Some of the water was unsafe to drink in Ione. Luckily ours was okay. It would be like getting the experience of serving in a third world country. We taught Sister Stowell the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was an awesome day! 3 new investigators!
What a day it was on Saturday! We went to the church to set up for the baptism. In typical Mormon fashion, people showed up at the last minute. President and Sister Palmer came! Everything went well and Ella and Sawyer looked so cute. The talks were so good. It was so exciting when they got baptized. They shared their testimonies and Ella’s was so sweet, it made us cry. It has been such a joy to teach them. President and Sister Palmer took us and the San Andreas Elders out to lunch. It was so much fun. We aren’t supposed to eat with Elders, but I guess when you are with the mission president it’s okay! We did studies and tried to see people throughout the afternoon. For a Saturday, everyone was busy or not home. We had dinner with Sister Hendrickson and then taught them a lesson, it is always super fun with them. The night was kind of slow, so we helped clean up after the Valentine’s dinner and dance at the church. It was a great day, definitely a happy day that I will remember forever!
It was ward conference on Sunday. We had a training from the Stake President. I totally could see myself being in a meeting like that in the future. Ella and Sawyer got confirmed during sacrament meeting. We went to gospel doctrine and went for a minutes to a primary class to talk about Jesus. We went to relief society. We did some studies. It was such a nice day. We had dinner with the Cramer’s and shared the Plan of Salvation. We saw the Eckhart’s and tried a few other people. We saw the Jenkin’s and taught them part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We finished 12 week! Hallelujah! I made banana bread and just prepped myself for transfer calls. Elder Grover called us and told us we are staying. I am so excited.
We got a lot done this morning. There is probably something fun planned!
I am so ready for what the next 6 weeks has in store. I am ready to finish strong!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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