You Know You’re a Missionary When You Bear Your Testimony in Your Sleep!




Another crazy awesome week!

We played basketball and volleyball. We saw Sister Gentry and saw a LA/PMF.
Happy Valentine’s Day on Tuesday! I was so happy that my companion and I didn’t breakup on Valentine’s day! We helped the Tyrell’s move. We tried a few potentials. We had a lesson with Ella, Sawyer and their brother Charlie. He is on date fro March 18th! It’s cool to see how much he has changed since I met him. We taught Heighly the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is still on date for March 11th! We had dinner with Bishop Busi and his family. We had a fun Valentine’s party. The night was kind of slow.
Wednesday was kind of slow. We met a less active who’s daughter wants to get baptized. We will teach her even though she is 8, it will be good for the whole family. We did lots of biking. We stopped by Sister Scholes to go to the bathroom and she gave us the best chocolate chip cookies ever. The afternoon was kind of slow. We had dinner with the Harmon’s. I love them. We saw the Lively’s and the Custer’s.
Thursday was the first district meeting of the transfer. We did some fun role plays. We taught Charlie, just by himself and it was really good. He is so ready. We met a less active who we finally had the right address for. We shared a message with the Hawkins. Our dinner cancelled, so we were by ourselves, which was nice because I got to play the piano. I’m practicing “Gethsemane” on our very out of tune piano. We saw a potential who is never home. She belongs to the Church of the Nazarene and prayed with us. It was an interesting experience.
You know you’re a missionary when you bear your testimony in your sleep! Friday was crazy weather. It was rainy and super windy. We keep getting weather advisory texts from the assistants and Sister Turinetti asked me if we got this many last year. I don’t even remember getting any, haha! We did weekly planning. We taught the Pederson’s the Plan of Salvation with davey Fowler, he just got back from his mission. They committed to baptism on March 25th, so exciting! I love watching families come together by the gospel. We had dinner with the Tresner’s and their daughter and son in law. They have the craziest stories. We taught Sister Stowell about temples and family history. She said we are her favorite set of Sisters. It was a good day.
Saturday was interesting. It wasn’t raining on our walk! We made some appointments and briefly talked to a less active. We met with Brother Johnson. The Lord does anwser prayers. I was really hoping and praying that we would be able to fill our day because we had no appointments. Well, it all started with Sister Turinetti getting a flat. The Jackson Elders called and asked what we were doing at 3 and if we wanted to go see a perspective elder. They had an appointment with him, but he just moved out of their ward into our ward. They came and fixed the bike and we went to the appointment. It was a man and his wife. They are so nice and have a totally organic farm and gave us some organic fresh eggs. She is from Akron and I could totally hear her accent, I loved it. He is going to work towards coming back to church. We saw a less active and shared a message with her. We had dinner with the McDermed’s and saw the Rust’s and shared a message with them. We saw Sister Bordwell and Sister Campbell. It was a crazy day.
In ward council on Saturday we spent the majority of the time talking about helping people with this big storm. It’s supposed to be 3-10 inches of rain, that is a vast difference. It’s cool to see how everyone is so willing to help those in need or might be in the flood zone. Davey gave a really great talk about service. Gospel Principles was good and so was Relief Society. We planned and contacted 2 potentials. We had lunch with the Stewart’s/Eckhart’s. It was the Eckhart’s oldest son’s birthday. It was fun. People won’t let us walk in the rain, the members are adamant we get a ride from them, it’s so funny. We did studies. We went out and tried some more people and saw the Mitchell’s and shared a message with them. She gave us a ride home. Long day.
Today was eventful. We washed our car in the rain, very logical. We cleaned and got everything together and we went to go email, but the internet in Jackson was down. We had planned on going bowling, so as a district we did that. We played  “Peanut M&M bowling” which is where a different color represents a different way to bowl. It was so fun. I won with a 69 on my side. That was my highest score and it was sad because we bowled two other games without the crazy bowling techniques and I did a lot worse. We had to come down to Lodi to email. We weren’t planning on that, but it’s all good. We had an appointment tonight, but it cancelled, but we did reschedule for tomorrow. Before Preparation day is over, I got to go work on “My Plan” it should be interesting. I don’t want to go home yet!
This week is full of appointments already, super excited. I hope I don’t float away!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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