“It’s on the Other Side of the Butter!”




Hello Everybody!

This week was a pretty good week!
Monday was crazy. It poured so hard and was so windy. We got soaked running to our car after an appointment. We even had umbrellas and rain coats. I am so done with the rain.
Tuesday we helped the Scholes clean the blinds because they are moving. She fed us lunch and was so worried that we would leave hungry, it was hilarious. It rained on and off all day. We taught Charlie about the 10 commandments and it went really well. We saw the Whitmer’s. It was just pouring down rain. We had dinner with the Duncan family, they are fun and then we had an appointment with the Pederson’s and Brother and Sister Johnson came. It went so well. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are so prepared! I just know that I have been waiting for this family my entire mission.
It actually wasn’t raining on our walk on Wednesday morning! Brother Patterson came by and helped Sister Turinetti put a new tire on her bike. We got to bike around a little, but no one was home. We went out to the country and tried some people, but not too many people were home either. We got a text from the Pederson’s asking if they might be able to move their date because his Dad is coming into town. They wanted to change it to April 4th, after I got home. I was so torn. I really don’t want to miss their baptism, but if that was how their family could be there I was trying to tell myself that I was okay with it. It’s the ordinance that matters. We had a lesson about tithing with Charlie and then we had dinner with them afterwards. There was a thunderstorm. It was awesome, I haven’t heard one of those in awhile. There actually was snow too. The temperature dropped a lot. We went to the church and made sure the Pederson’s knew where to go for scouts and activity days. They knew so many people and fit in just fine. We saw the Tyrell’s. Crazy day!
We had district meeting on Thursday. The Senior Couple, the Newcum’s couldn’t make it so it was just us and 2 sets of Elders. That was interesting. “It’s on the other side of the butter!” Don’t ask, haha! We talked about the spirit and how important it is that we teach by the spirit. It was good. We led a training on receiving personal revelation. I also got my departure info, weird. We went out to the other side of the country and saw this older couple, The Brown’s and shared a lesson with them. They have the coolest stories and super strong testimonies. We had dinner with the D’Agostini’s/Gold’s. We saw the Cantrell’s and taught the Restoration, it was so awesome. We also saw a girl in the ward who’s friend might be interested in learning the gospel!
Friday means weekly planning. We had a lesson with a LA family who’s 8 year old daughter wants to get baptized. It was kind of weird how it all worked out. We ended up teaching 2 lessons. We met the Pederson’s at the church and gave them a church tour. Also, good news everything worked out and his dad will be able to come on the 25th for the baptism! They are all so excited. We had dinner with the Patterson’s and shared a lesson with them. They are so awesome. We had a lesson with Sister Stowell and it was really good too. She also gave us girl scout cookies! Really good day of teaching!
It was so nice on Saturday. We tried a lot of people, but not too many people were home. That’s always hard on a Saturday. We saw the Hendrickson’s and shared a message with them. We both just die laughing at the funny things that Sister Hendrickson says. We met with Brother Johnson. It was sunny, but chilly outside. We saw the Hoyt’s and talked to them about their neighbors. We also saw Sarah, it has been so long. It was only for a few minutes, but I was so happy. We had dinner with the Gold’s. They are so fun and we shared the Plan of Salvation with them. We also saw the Custer’s and shared a message with them, as well.
Sunday was a pretty good day. Ward council was short and so we had time to plan after. We were greeting people at the door waiting for the Pederson’s and to my surprise President and Sister Palmer came! It was so exciting and the Pederson’s came! The talks were so good and so were all the lessons. Everyone was so welcoming, it was awesome! People kept telling us congratulations, I guess they are just as excited to have a new family in the ward as we are! It all went so well! It was so nice in the afternoon. We tried a lot of people, but a lot of people weren’t home. We briefly saw the Hawkins’s and had dinner with the Mitchell’s, they gave us marriage advice, haha! We shared the Restoration with them. We saw Sister Roen and she told us about her pet parakeet named Jerry! It was so funny and she told us the story of how he died. Poor Jerry! We shared with her how the gospel blesses families. It was a good day! I just love my companion to, we have so much fun together and we can tease each other about things, it’s awesome!
Today we really washed the car well because we have a car inspection on Wednesday during Zone Conference. When we came back outside to leave, the birds already hammered it, come on! We plan on doing our shopping later and just hanging out. I have written so many letters this week. I also have to work on my plan. We have an appointment with the Pederson’s tonight and I am so excited!
This week is going to be awesome!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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