“Changing Our Behavior Without Involving the Redeemer is Not Repentance”




Hello from the California Ione Mission, haha!

This week went by so fast!
On Monday we had an awesome lesson with the Pedersen’s and Brother Patterson came! It went really well and they are going to live the word of wisdom. We went and saw the Tyrrell’s before they moved. It was freezing. I remember this time last year I wasn’t wearing tights that much and lighter jackets, crazy!
On Tuesday we did some service for a busy mom in the ward. It was a super nice day. We went out to the country and tried to see some people. We met with Sister Rowan and talked to her about how we can best help Heighly and we met Heighly’s step mom. We had dinner with the Bowns. It was windy and cold. We went and saw Sister Rowert and shared a message with her. It was so funny, as we were biking back home this police officer yelled, “It’s too cold to be out here riding bikes!” You know it’s cold when a cop tells you that, haha! It’s crazy, because we didn’t plan on doing the things that we did that day, but somehow it all worked out!
Wednesday was such an awesome day! It was worth 3 journal pages! We had Zone Conference in Lodi. We woke up and got ready and went. We sat by district and somehow we ended up sitting in the front row. President Palmer spoke and a few people were asked to bear their testimonies about the mission vision, “We are One with the Savior in Doing the Will of the Father”. It was so good. The theme of zone conference was repentance. President talked a lot about being obedient. He talked about how important it was to get up on time, exercising for 30 minutes, studying the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel, everyday and listening music that invites the spirit! We watched a training from Elder Oaks and Elder Bednar about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It was so good. There were also some mission presidents and their wives present in the training and it was cool to hear their input. I think Elder Bednar said that, “Changing our behavior without involving the Redeemer is not repentance”. Someone said that we need to take the fear out of repentance. After the training video we broke out into districts and talked about some questions and how we can apply repentance more to our lives. We then did a role play with some Spanish sisters and one of the scenarios was almost identical to Brother Pedersen’s story, it was cool. Then Sister Palmer spoke and talked about how she was sad that so many of us are leaving soon 😦 She did also mention don’t give up. work hard and find joy in the journey. How ironic, my Mom has been telling me that my whole mission!! President then talked about Alma 5 and the mission vision. We finally got to eat lunch, it was nice to see some old friends that I have served with. Everyone still can’t believe I am still in Ione! We quickly planned in a room and did a quick companion study and drove to our appointment with Charlie. It went well and we were already able to apply what we learned at zone training, it was awesome! We came back and got on the bikes, it was nice, but it started too cool off quick. We had dinner with the Jenkins and the Hendrickson’s. We shared a lesson to help with her seminary lesson. We then met with Sister Rowan and Heighly and talked to her about baptism and why we had to change the baptism date. Again, we applied repentance. I really felt the spirit as we taught. It was an amazing day!
We had our last district meeting with the Newcum’s on Thursday. They are done with their mission this week and are heading back to Texas. We had such a good district meeting. We applied and talked about what we learned at zone conference and had some really great discussions. I scheduled my departing interview, this just got real. In the afternoon we went out to the country and tried to visit some people out there. We met this LA, they were nice but not interested. We taught the Plan of Salvation to the Cantrell’s. We had dinner with the D’Agostini’s and then met Sister Hernandez and her son at the church and talked about keeping the sabbath day holy. We got our bikes and tights and went and saw Sister Bishop. Tis the season for hay fever! Mine haven’t been that bad, but my poor companion. Flonase is a powerful and wondrous invention!
I am trying to be proactive and have already started packing. Friday means weekly planning. We had 2 appointments in the afternoon, but they both cancelled. We ended up seeing Sister Campbell and did some service for her. We tried some other people and had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped by the Tresner’s and ended up sharing a lesson with them. We had dinner with the Custer’s. We saw Sister Stowell and had an awesome lesson about tithing.
Saturday was an interesting day. After studies we went out and tried some people. It was a nice day, a little chilly, but I didn’t have to wear tights. We tried some potentials and met with this one potential who was showing us this project she was working on that was book for her daughter about their history. She showed us all of these old pictures and how she was finding out who was who in her family and how much she enjoys family history. We have been stumped at trying to know how we can best help her and one of the finding ideas is family history and so we put the two together and decided family history is what we needed to share with her! We gave her a temples and family history pamphlet and told her about family search, it was so awesome! We saw Sister Gentry and her dogs are as crazy as ever. She is hoping to be cleared by the doctor so she can come to church a couple of weeks! We went out to the country and walked around this trailer park and met some very interesting people. We talked to this lady with pink hair and a do-it-yourself charcoal and glue face mask. It was crazy, she was nice though. She had been invovled in the church in San Andres. We talked to these nice old people who were sitting outside. They had a dog named Sugar who was wearing a shirt that said, “My heart belongs to Mommy” of course it does! They were really nice. We also saw a man with a long beard that was braided. We saw a less active lady, who just had hip and back surgery. Sister Patterson was there, she is so funny. The lady’s sister was there and she has a 22 pound chihuahua. That thing was so big and was so out of breath just coming in the dog door. They said we could laugh. Apparently she adopted her that way from the pound! We shared a message with her. Then we went and had dinner with the Rowan’s and Heighly and Heighly’s parents. We were trying to help her parents learn more about what Heighly is learning. Nothing really came from it, but I know a seed was planted. It was a crazy day!
The rain found it’s way back to Ione on Sunday! It rained as we walked to the church for our coordination meeting and ward council. Brother McDermed told me that I needed to stay for another 6 months because I am so efficient, that was nice! The Pedersen’s came. It was a great fast and testimony meeting. As soon as the Bishop was done bearing his testimony, everyone went rushing up to the podium. There were some great testimonies and a very detailed story of Jospeh Smith and the gold plates! We went to gospel principles and relief society was so good. Sister Brown taught, I love her! She talked about the Atonement and you could feel the spirit so strong. It was so good. We planned and then had dinner/lunch with the Robert’s. Who can argue with homemade rolls? We did our studies and then we shared with an older lady in the ward some scriptures that would help her answer a question she had, we hope it did help. She then told us stories about the farm animals she had, “We had pigs and they were delicious!” So funny. We went and saw the Adair’s and shared a message about prayer. It was really good. The ward members are so missionary minded. It was a great day!
Today we did our usual preparation day activities and we also got Ben & Jerry’s! Tonight we have another lesson with the Pedersen’s and I am so excited. I know that I was meant to teach this family, I don’t know how, but I just know it! I love bringing families together in the gospel!
Have a great week everybody!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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