18 Months Out on my Mission!




Hello from sunny California!

What a week!
We had an awesome lesson with the Pedersen’s on Monday night. We taught about tithing and fast offerings. They are so awesome!
We did service at the Castle on Tuesday. It was so cold. We saw a LA/PMF and shared a message about prayer with her. She has the cutest little girls. We tried a bunch of potentials. We contacted this former and had a good conversation with him that led into talking about the plan of salvation and we have an appointment with him tomorrow! We had dinner at the Busi’s with the Pedersen’s, it was so great. We taught them about the commandments.
It was finally warmer on Wednesday! It is crazy how Heavenly Father answers our prayers and how mindful He is of us.  We did some service for Sister Campbell. We tried lots of potentials. We had dinner with the Patterson’s, it was so good and they are so awesome and funny. We had a good lesson with them. We shared a message with Sister Bowns and Sister Bunch. It turned out to be a nice day!
Thursday marked 18 months out on my mission!!! 18 months is so crazy?! I could probably do 6 months more, but I am still so fortunate that I have been able to serve as long as I have! We had zone training in Lodi. It was all about repentance and we also talked about parables. It actually ended way early. We took a zone picture outside. All of the sisters went to Panda Express. My companion and I brought our lunch because we didn’t think we would have time to go out after the training because we had appointments, but because Zone Training ended early we could go have fun with the Sisters. We had a solid booked day of appointments all day after zone training. We went and talked to Charlie and went over the baptismal interview questions. Things were pretty crazy over there because they are putting gravel in the driveway! Again Heavenly Father listens to and answers prayers! We went and taught Heighly the Restoration. We had dinner with the Nygren’s and I tried a brussel sprout, that was probably the last time I will eat one, but I tried it! We shared a message with them. We went to an appointment with the Haney’s and talked about Prayer. It was so good. We then went to our appointment with the Jenkins and talked about commandments to help with her seminary lesson. What a great day it was!
Friday was a bit different. I finally finished Jesus the Christ! There were President’s interviews in Lodi. So we had to drive back down there. I didn’t get an interview because I have my departing interview next week. I updated the area book and colored in my coloring book that my family sent me for the plane ride home. I also babysat the Elders a little, someone’s got to keep them in line, haha! They were 30 minutes behind so I had to wait awhile. After that, we went and got In N Out! So good, I am going to miss it. When we got back we did weekly planning. We had dinner with the Harmon’s. I love them so much. The Jenkins came over and fixed our garbage disposal. We then had our lesson with Sister Stowell about fasting. I just love teaching!
It was a beautiful day on Saturday! In my studies I read Ether 12. I love that chapter, it’s all about faith. I love verse 27, it’s probably one of my all time favorites. So many people were out and about and I didn’t have to wear a jacket during the day, it was so wonderful! Charlie had his baptismal interview and he passed! We met with Brother Johnson to talk about Charlie’s baptism. We had a lesson with Sister Gentry. We sat outside on her back patio, it was so beautiful. We were on our own for dinner. We shared a message with Sister Rowert. We also saw an older couple in the ward and shared a message with them. It was a long day of biking up and down hills, I was beat, but it was a great day!
Sunday was Daylight Savings Time. It really wasn’t so bad. As a missionary, the time change is really nice because it stays light a lot longer. We had ward council and Brother Pedersen was sustained to a Priest, so awesome! Church was good. We went with Sister Custer to go visit one of the people she visit teaches, but apparently she moved to Plymouth. It was so ward. We had dinner with the Cramer’s, it was more like breakfest, but at dinner time, haha! We had a good lesson with them about prayer. It is so cool how prayer has affected so many people’s lives. We tried some potentials, it’s nice because the sun was out longer so we could try them later in the evening. We shared a message with the Tresner’s and with the Johnson’s. It was such a great day!
Today we did the usual preparation day activities. I was involved in a cart attack at Walmart. I was blocked in by 3 sit down carts, it was crazy. It is another beautiful day and we have 2 appointments so far tonight!

This week will be awesome! Charlie is getting baptized on Saturday and I am so excited!

I still have a lot of work to do while I am here, so I am going to continue to work hard.
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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