This is What it’s All About!




What an incredible week!

We had an awesome lesson with the Pedersen’s on Monday night! I love them so much! I also got to hold a corn snake! It was a rainy evening.

It was super rainy and windy on Tuesday morning. We tried a ton of potentials trying to find new investigators. We shared a message with the Scholes and just beat a wicked thunderstorm. We had to drive to the mission office in it, but it was only for like 6 minutes and then it cleared up. I had my departing interview. The crazy thing was 18 months ago exactly on that day, in the same chair, in the same office, I had my first President interview! Crazy!? I also got a temple recommend interview! I was hoping to get one signed by President Palmer. We then went back and had dinner with the Cantrell’s, they are super awesome. We then went to the church so the Pedersen’s could try on the jumpsuits. We also saw the Tresner’s.

It was rainy and windy again on Wednesday, I thought the rain was gone. We tried a bunch of potentials and we saw the Bowns and the sun came out! We saw a potential and she is into family history. We tried more potentials and some less actives. Then it all of a sudden started raining and we were on bikes. The weird thing was that the sun was out? There was a rainbow though. It just poured. We went back and put on dry clothes, we were soaked. We saw the Custer’s. They gave us a referral. Interesting day. Allergies are killer.

I had my last district meeting on Thursday. We played Jeopardy and Sister Turinetti and I totally beat the Elders. We went out to the country and tried some less actives. We saw Heighly and read scriptures with her, it was really great. We had dinner with Ryan and Britten Gold. We had a our last lesson with the Pedersen’s before they got baptized. The Bishop’s son came with us and he just got back from his mission about a week ago. It was a good lesson. Teaching is the best!

Friday was my last weekly planning. We went and talked to the Hendrickson’s and ended up sharing a message with them. It was sort of rainy all day. We tried to find a referral and turns out we had tracted into him. We stopped at the Harmon’s to use the bathroom and we shared a message with them. We had dinner with Sister Hoyt and helped her make chocolate covered pretzels for the relief society visiting teaching conference. We then went and saw Sister Stowell and shared a message with her.

Saturday was an amazing day! It was the baptism day! Brother Pedersen got to ordained to be a priest and his dad set him apart. So many people came to the baptism. His family came from Utah and all her non member family came! It was so awesome! They were all so excited. They had so much ward support. It was just so exciting! It almost was a blur, like, did that just happen? President said, “This is what it’s all about!” Bringing families together is the best! We had lunch with the Johnson’s before I left. Then we had our missionary coordination meeting. We saw Sister Gentry and we watched the broadcast with the Hendrickson’s. We tried a potential and a referral. We then went and tried this less active family who we have been trying to see since I got here. They just went through a hard experience and they said it was so divinely inspired that we came. That was cool. I love when things like that happen. We saw the Jenkins. It was such an incredible day! What a way to end my mission!

The Pedersen’s got confirmed during sacrament meeting on Sunday, it was so cool! We taught the beehives and talked about our missions. We went and saw a perspective Elder and his almost wife. They want bishop to marry them on Saturday. We also committed them to read the Book of Mormon. She is not a member… yet! We did studies and had dinner with Sister Rowert. We went to the Busi’s so Bishop could sign the baptismal records. We shared a message with them. I love them so much. We dropped off the baptismal records and we saw the Patterson’s. We got our call around 915. Sister Turinetti is staying and someone named Sister Hill is coming. I asked Elder Grover what my transfer call was and he said, “I think you know”. I am so sad to leave.

Today we went down to Lodi. I really don’t want to leave. This just does not feel real.

I can’t believe I made it! I have learned so much, I can’t even take it all in.

Thanks for all the love and support!

I hope to continue to be one with the Savior in doing the will of the Father!

All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn


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