No Day is Ever the Same!




dsc02762-2It has been another great week!

Last Monday we went hiking at Lake Tabeaud in Jackson with the Elders. It was so much fun! I love them and I love hiking. We had a good lesson with Ella and Sawyer and then we had FHE with the Campbell’s and Bordwell’s.
On Tuesday, we did castle service and picked up sticks. We went to the country and talked to a less active member and tried some people in a trailer park. We talked to a lot of people on the street. We had dinner with Nygren’s. We were there a few minutes early so we were going to knock some houses, but the kids followed us. We taught the Hoyt’s the law of tithing lesson. It was a busy day.
On Wednesday we made a couple of appointments with people. We talked to this guy who is agnostic and he told us we needed to become pilots because they need more female pilots. It was warm so I had on a lighter jacket, with no boots and tights. It felt so great for about an hour. We saw this Less active who doesn’t really ever let us in, but we got in and shared a message. She has the cutest little girls. We went and put warmer clothes on and went with a girl named Sierra to teach this former. We were all on bikes, because she really wanted to try it. He wasn’t home, but we rescheduled. We had dinner by ourselves and made cake mix cookies using all the Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark from Christmas. We got invited to go to mutual at Bishop’s. It was a bonfire. They were going to retire some flags, but it didn’t happen. The flaming arrows didn’t quite make it to the pile, so it took a while to light, but one it did it was cool… or I guess, warm! Heighly came and said she really enjoyed it. We were asked to share a message and some of the youth bore their testimonies. It was a good night.
We had a zone training on Thursday. It was awesome. Our district was there before everyone else. The Hills represent! We went over counseling items. The Newcum’s led a training about unity and we got asked to lead a training on seeking Validation from God and not from man. We had good participation. We also talked about scriptures on how the Savior trained. We didn’t get to share ours because we ran out of time. It was a good meeting. We took a zone picture. I took Sister Turinetti for her first trip to Panera and she loved it! Traffic was heavy on the way back. We taught Ella and Sawyer the Law of Chastity and eternal marriage. We then taught Heighly part of the plan of salvation. She is so awesome, she hasn’t had tea and she said that she realized she has a testimony and that she feels closer to Christ! Yes, I’m fulfilling my purpose! We rushed to dinner with an older couple and their non member friend. Guess what we had? Fish… again! It was Mahi Mahi. I was going to try a little until she said that if I didn’t want to I didn’t have to eat it! It was nice though to talk to their non member friend who they have been working with. We didn’t get a chance for studies, so we did studies the rest of the night. I love this new schedule!
Friday was a crazy busy day! We started weekly planning and then had to go down to Lodi to get our car serviced and for President interviews! I love President Interviews! That was my last normal 10 minute interview, crazy!? We went and got our car and headed back to Ione. It was rainy on and off all day. We continued weekly planning and then we saw this family who we just their records. His dad sent his records. They had lived there a while. He is less active and his wife is not a member. They want to start coming to church because they want it for their kids, so awesome! We have an appointment on Friday with them! We had dinner with the Jenkins, they always have the funniest stories. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. We tried to finish weekly planning, but we had an appointment. We taught Sister Stowell the Restoration. I just love teaching!
On Saturday we met with Brother Johnson and talked about the baptism! We finally finished weekly planning. We had an appointment with the Rutledge’s, but they weren’t home. We saw Sister Gentry, her dogs are so crazy! Everyone was so worried that we didn’t have a dinner and thought we were going to starve, no one was available to feed us that night. That’s okay, we had fun times reliving our college days. We saw the Tyrell’s and then we saw Ryan and Britten Gold. We talked about how we can help Ronnie and Cody. So Brother Gold got his wedding ring stuck in their recliner and they were trying for a week to get it out and with our tiny hands we were able to get his ring, it was so funny. It was a crazy day. No day is ever the same!
It was cold on Sunday morning. We had ward council and we got a lot accomplished. Fast and testimony meeting was so good, you could really feel the spirit. Gospel principles and relief society were super good too. We strategically planned our day because we knew it was the super bowl. We saw the Harmon’s and taught a lesson about the Holy Ghost and it went well. We did our studies. Because it was the super bowl, our dinner dropped it off at our house because the family was watching the game. So glad I wasn’t around it, it would’ve ruined the spirit I felt during the day. We taught the Custer’s the Restoration and it went well. My companion really shined. It was so awesome! We teach so well together and she has grown so much! We just have so much fun together. There was a frog in our bathroom, but then it disappeared??
Well, we found the frog this morning. It was in the bathroom and so I caught it and put it in a jar. We named it Francisco the Frog. We washed the car and we are so glad we didn’t dry it because it rained right after. We cleaned and in the middle of it, the power went out. Luckily it came back on because we still had laundry. The power was sort of out at Safeway today, but we still got our Clif Bars, we are obsessed. We got a lot done today. So no one told us they were going down to Lodi, so it’s just us. We have an appointment tonight with our investigator Crystal and I am excited.
This is the last week of the transfer. So crazy? I have no idea what will happen? I know it will be wherever the Lord wants me to spend my last 6 weeks as a missionary!
We have a baptism on Saturday and I am so excited! I just love bringing other’s closer to Christ!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna

Be as Good as You Can Be and Let God Magnify You to Who He Wants You to Become”!




What a week! Sooo many changes!!!

On Monday we had a lesson with a former and Sister Rowert came with us. Her name is Crystal and she wants God back in her life and said she would come to church. We had an FHE with an active family and encouraged them to invite their friends to church or activities. We also saw a Less Active. It was a pretty successful day!
Tuesday was a very crazy day. We did service at the Castle by painting with a LA/PMF. On the way back we got a call from the Assistants, “Are you on your way?” On our way to what? We were confused and then he said to the new missionary meeting. It was starting. We had no idea there was a new missionary meeting. We hurried up and came home to change. We started driving to Modesto and they told us we didn’t have to come because by the time we got there, the meeting would’ve been almost over. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to get to Modesto. I was so bummed and felt so irresponsible. I was so looking forward to the meeting. I love missionary meetings and I would be able to see some friends. We got a call from our zone leaders and they called to apologize that they forgot to tell us about the meeting. In the past I would’ve totally been mad and probably blamed them, but it was a mistake and I was able to easily forgive them. If we had went to the meeting we wouldn’t have been able to teach 2 lessons. We taught Sawyer and Ella the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we taught Heighly the Word of Wisdom. It all went great. We then had to drive to the other side of our area for our dinner appointment with the Brown’s. They are so awesome. She is sick with a cold and so she stayed away from us and had a mask on, it was so cute. They said some really great things about us and told us that we were sacred vessels of the Lord and that we are humble and good hard workers. I am not that humble! We updated the area booked and planned. What a day!
Wednesday we had to get up early and go down to Modesto for The World Wide Missionary Broadcast! It was so awesome because the whole mission was there. It was such a good meeting. Elder Bednar just laid it down! They talked about teach repentance and baptize converts. Bonnie L. Oscarson had some great things to say as well. There are so many changes. Our schedule changed!!! We now don’t have to plan at night, we get an hour and half to get ready in the morning, we plan in the morning, We do personal at 9, only have half an hour for lunch, we can choose when to do our companion study, 12 week is only half an hour and preparation day is now 2 hours longer and it starts at 8! We can also go to bed at 930 if we want to! So crazy! The want us to be able to use more agency and they have more trust in us. It is also to help have a smooth transition home. We also only have to report 4 key indicators now. The times are changing and I like it! The meeting was so great. We got to talk to people after and it was nice to see my old friends. The assistants came and told us that we would not be forgotten again, that’s a relief! We met with 3 other companionship’s and the zone leaders to discuss what was talked about in the new missionary meeting. Apparently they didn’t tell another set of sisters, so that made me feel better. We ate lunch at the Dale Rd. building and had a quick companion study because we were going out to the country, we didn’t want to back track. We tried some people and met with a member to talk about her friend and she said that she will talk to her. We had an appointment with Ella and Sawyer and we talked about tithing and fast offerings. We also had dinner with them. We met with our HPGL and talked about perspective Elders. What a day! I love what Elder Bednar said, “Be as good as you can be and let God Magnify you to who he wants you to become”. So good!
It was so weird having an hour and half to get ready on Thursday morning. I got to take my time and I had time to bake! It was so weird planning in the morning too. We went to district meeting and talked about the meeting on Wednesday. It was so good. I could really feel the spirit. I just love my district! Lunch is really short now. We did companion study and 12 week. That is so short too. We tried some people in town and then dinner in the country. We had fish tacos with fish sticks in it. I didn’t put one in mine, but I did try it. The first bite I drenched in BBQ sauce and it wasn’t so bad, the second bite didn’t have as much on it and no, it wasn’t good. But I tried it! We saw the Hawkins and the Bishop’s.
It is so weird planning in the morning now. I feel like I managed my time a little better than the day before. Since it is Friday we did weekly planning. We met with Bishop in the middle and talked about implementing our 8 finding ideas. He wanted us to be part of 5th Sunday for the youth and teaching them about inviting, role playing and teach them the plan of salvation. We came back and finished planning. We had an appointment but it cancelled. We had dinner with Sister Rowert and again we had fish, this time it was salmon. Something fishy is going on with the dinner calendar?! We tried a few people, but no one was home or they couldn’t visit. I love my companion, we have the funnest conversations and she can tease me about things and I don’t get mad, it’s so fun!
Saturday was long. We tried a few people and then had to come back so Sister Palmer could come and put dowels in the windows to be safer and more secure. She is the best, I love her. Sister Turinetti and I have a private fan club for President and Sister Palmer, we just love them! It was such a beautiful day. We saw Sister Gentry and had dinner with the Ward Clerk. We saw the Scholes. When we were determining where to go, this lady came out of her car and we talked to her. She asked us if we knew God. It was interesting. We saw Sarah briefly. It was an interesting day.
Church was so good on Sunday. We had coordination meeting and then ward council. The speakers in sacrament were so good, they talked a lot about being a missionary. We prepared for our 5th Sunday, 3rd hour lesson with this RM in the ward that got back last week, his name is Davey, Our missions are so different. It was fun teaching the youth and the YSA were our investigators. It was very interesting. We came back and had lunch and studies. We talked to a former on the way to dinner. We had dinner with the Blanco’s and then we taught Crystal with Sister Rowert and her friend. It went well. We saw Sister Stowell and taught her the plan of salvation. I completely forgot that we had scheduled to do 12 week at 830 and we missed it. This new schedule definitely is a learning process. We prayed about it and figured out what to do. Crazy day!
It was nice having preparation day start at 8. We are planning on going hiking with our district soon, that should be fun!
I hope everyone has a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

When We Committed Them to Baptism, they Started Dancing!



What a week it has been! Very different than last week. The only similarity is the rain, there actually might have been more this week than last week.

Monday we had family home evening with the Harmon’s and talked about the talk, “I Will Bring the Light of the Gospel into my Home” by Jean B. Bingham. We did this cool object lesson and painted water color signs with that quote on it.
I didn’t have much of a voice on Tuesday. We went out to the country and found out a lot of people have moved or have locked gates. We had our first lesson with the Whittenburg’s grandchildren. We were just teaching Ella and Sawyer, they have a Brother is not as ready yet. The lesson went well, they know this stuff so much and when we committed them to baptism, they started dancing! They are getting baptized on 11 February! We didn’t know when we planned it, but that is their Grandpa’s birthday and he is baptizing them! It was so amazing. I didn’t feel good, but it was an amazing day!
Wednesday I went on exchanges. The Sister Training Leaders came for companion study. I went to the Spanish Branch in Lodi. Good thing, because I really didn’t have a voice. I sounded like a teenage boy and a chain-smoker. I got to help Hermana Curtis with her language study and then we had a lesson with an investigator. They don’t have lights or heat and it was freezing and they had all of these candles around the house, they were such humble people. Although I didn’t really understand what was going on, I could feel the spirit. That was cool. It was so stormy. We tried some potentials, but apparently people like to sleep when it is rainy and windy outside. We had dinner with a member. All 6 of the Spanish Sister’s were there. That was cool. So the people we ate with portion it out and get offended if we don’t eat it all. She gave us 3 fully loaded tostadas. They were so huge. There was no way I could it eat it all. Luckily, the lights went out and so no one could really see and they didn’t sit with us, so I was off the hook. It was so good though. We went and saw a partially active family. The dad is active and the mom and daughter are less active. I had no idea what was going on? We then saw an active family and they were super nice. We did an activity where they share their favorite scripture, quote, picture or hymn and then they were challenged to post it on Social Media. It was a long confusing day, but I had fun. I also said part of my prayers in Spanish!
On Thursday we had zone training in Lodi. It was nice to reunite back with Sister Turinetti. The zone training was about finding. We went around the room and shared finding scriptures and we talked about 8 ways President has asked us to try in finding. We have been doing a lot of them and I am excited to implement them in the work. We had district meeting after and talked about the meeting. It was Sister Turinetti’s and Elder Brown’s birthdays on Saturday so I made them a cake! We ate lunch at the church and had companion study and then we had a lesson with Heighly. She is a member’s neighbor who has been coming to mutual. She is so sweet and so awesome. She is so prepared. We answered a lot of her questions and taught the Restoration. She is so excited to come to church and we committed her to baptism! It was so awesome. We had a lesson with Ella and her brother Charlie. Sawyer was sick. It was rainy. We saw the Jenkins and taught them the restoration, she said it helped with her seminary lesson! It was a good, long day!

I had left my umbrella at the Jenkins and it was pouring rain, so for exercise on Friday we walked quickly back and forth on our front porch, very interesting. We did weekly planning. We did some service for Sister Campbell. We had dinner with Brother Hansen and one of his cubs and the cub’s mom. It was awesome. We then watched the restoration video and talked about the Book of Mormon. We invited them to church. It was awesome!
Happy Birthday Sister Turinetti. Saturday was my companion’s birthday! It was kind of rainy. We saw Sister Scholes. She is Heighly’s beehive teacher and we let her know she was coming. We saw Sister Gentry. She had the dogs out, so I had to wrestle them to protect my companion, I am not going to have a dog when I am older! It was really cold. We tried some people and then we had dinner with Harmon’s, it was supposed to be the Johnson’s, but the Harmon’s filled in! It was so fun! We taught the Restoration. We saw Sister Stowell.
We had coordination meeting on Sunday and then ward council. It was another missionary farewell and a missionary came home. They are siblings too. It was cool. We went to gospel principles and then we got asked to teach primary. It was the 9 and 10 year olds. It was all girls and Sister Rowert had to come with us, because we needed a responsible adult present. They were a little crazy and I found it funny that the lesson was on how Joseph Smith prepared to receive the golden plates and we had like 5 minutes to prepare. We survived and then came home and had lunch and did studies. It was raining and within 5 minutes, it just started pouring. It was like flash flood hard. We had dinner with the Johnson’s, they are the best and we shared the restoration with them. We also met with Brother Johnson after and discussed how the missionary work has been going in the ward. We tried some people and we saw the Tresner’s.
We did all of our usual preparation day things. I hope the rain is done for a while, I don’t know? I am glad that I have a nice raincoat and rain boots. We have an appointment tonight with a former investigator and a family home evening lesson. It should be good!
This week we have a lot of appointments already set up. I am so excited. Missionary work is so great!
Have a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

Charity is the Pure Love of Christ




Well, I survived this week! It was pretty crazy with all of the rain and the flooding!

On Monday I forgot to mention that it was my 16 month mark, so crazy!? The rains began in the evening. We got in to see a less active who we were trying to see forever. Her husband is the fire chief and she works there too. She said we could come on by and get a tour of the firehouse and ride the fire engine, I guess that is one way to get to know the streets of Ione! It was really awesome that we got to meet with her!
It rained all day on Tuesday. I am not lying when I said all day. It was a tough day. Our service cancelled and we tried everyone we planned for and they were either not home or busy. It was hard. My rain boots worked great, but I still got soaked because it wasn’t only raining it was also very windy too. I almost lost my umbrella a few times. I had to change my clothes. We had a lesson with a more recent convert and talked to him about becoming an Elder and he said that he was working on it. That is something we are focusing on is Perspective Elders. We had dinner with the Hendrickson’s, they are so funny. We saw the Johnson’s and she took us home and good thing she did, because a few minutes after we got in, it just poured rain. In the beginning of planning our lights went out, so we had to plan by flashlight. When we were saying the closing prayer, the lights came back on! So I quickly took a shower in case they went out again. What a crazy day!
Wednesday was another rough day. The weather wasn’t as bad, but it was still rough. We had some texts on our phone asking if we were okay, if our house flooded and if we knew the street we live off of was closed because of flooding. We had no idea because we slept through the whole thing! I guess it was pretty crazy during the night. The creek by our house flooded, but we did not get any water in the house and we were okay. All of our appointments cancelled and every one we tried was not home or they were busy and couldn’t meet. We did see a wild peacock which was pretty random. He was just chilling on a trash can! Even our dinner cancelled, so we had dinner with the Johnson’s. We went to mutual to talk to a sister about her neighbor who is interested in getting baptized and we scheduled an appointment with her on Thursday. We also talked to another lady in the ward who’s grand kids got permission from their Mom to get baptized so we are teaching them on Tuesday. I am so excited. These kids have wanted to be baptized for a long time and it is so exciting!
Thursday I started not to feel so great. There has been this crazy cold that has been going around and even though I faithfully take my vitamins and Emergen-C every day, I think I got it. We had district meeting. It was really good, we talked about how the bible and Book of Mormon support each other. It was really great and I just love my district! We went out in the country and tried people in a trailer park out there and even there no one could meet either. We had dinner with the Fowler’s, I love them. The kids just love us and Sister Fowler says that she appreciates what we do and the example we are to her kids. They are trying to find people for us to teach, which is so awesome! We taught the Haney’s the gospel of Jesus Christ and we saw Sister Rowert.
It was super cold on Friday. I got a bloody nose during personal study, it was weird. We had an appointment with the Rutledge’s, but it fell through. We did weekly planning and saw a less active lady. She is going to be on The Price is Right and she has the cutest baby cow. We tried a few people and got a referral from a not interested less active. We had dinner with the Hawkins, I just love them! We taught the Restoration to the McDermed’s, he is the ward clerk. They said I am very good at getting back on track and staying on topic.
Saturday was another freezing day. I finished reading Preach My Gospel for the second time on my mission. It was so cold and it looked and felt like it could have snowed. A lot of people weren’t home. We saw the Bown’s and the Lively’s. We had dinner with the Rust’s and we taught them the Plan of Salvation. We saw Sister Gentry and briefly saw a former investigator.
It was kind rough on Sunday night into the morning. It felt like I got hit by a train, I did not feel good. I could not stop coughing. We had our coordination meeting and then ward council. We had another missionary farewell. The rest of church was good. We tried a potential investigator after church and every time we go over there, some one different answers the door. We had lunch and did our studies. We met this less active, he is not interested, but was really nice about it. We had dinner with the Campbell’s, I love them so much. I was out of tissues (I had a full box on Saturday morning) and so she gave me a box of tissues and some cough drops. We tried some other people and saw Sister Stowell.
It was another rough night last night. Good thing my companion is a heavy sleeper because I was coughing all night. I actually got up to go cough in the living room so I wouldn’t disturb her. I can testify that the power of prayer is real because I prayed that I would be able to stop coughing and blowing my nose for the rest of the time I had to sleep and I was able to do that. Of course, as soon as I got up I started coughing again, but he does answer prayers!  We cleaned the apartment and washed the car and went shopping. We will probably play sports with the Elder’s today. The internet is still acting funny, so I hope I will be able to send pictures!
We have been sharing Moroni 7:45 & 46 with people this week and we have been replacing Charity with Christ and it has a really cool perspective. I love this because Charity is the pure love of Christ and it is so important that we cleave unto Christ and that Christ never fails and we need to be like Christ and show Charity!

 45 And Christ suffereth long, and is kindand envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh notHis own, is not easily provokedthinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

46 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not Christye are nothing, for Christ never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto Christwhich is the greatest of all, for all things must fail—

Well I hope everyone has a great week. There has been a break in the rain, but it’s supposed to start back up I think Tuesday or Wednesday, so I’m ready! I am so excited for our appointments this week, it is so exciting!

Have a great day!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

Maybe We Should Start Building an Ark?




This week has been so rainy. It’s supposed to be even rainier this week, so I might need to trade my bike in for a row boat or maybe we should start building an ark?

On Tuesday we went and did castle service. It rained a lot. We tried people in town and then we were walking to go try someone else and a car drove by and splashed us, that did not just happen. We had planned to go out in the country part of the day, but decided we were going earlier than we planned. It wasn’t just rainy, it was also super windy. We tried people in the country and saw one family and then we had dinner with Bishop and his family. We had a really good lesson with them on the gospel of Jesus Christ. They also gave us 2 referrals.
The power went out during the night on Wednesday. It was so funny because Sister Turinetti didn’t know it went out until I got up to reset the clock. We had a really good lesson with a less active and she will come back to church, I just know it! We went and saw Ronni and Cody and had a lesson with them and made an appointment with them on Tuesday. We treid lots of people and it was super nasty outside. We saw an older couple and dinner with the Scholes. We had a lesson with a less active at the church and it went well. We decided that we needed to get to the car because it was a little ridiculous with the wind and the rain. We went and saw Sarah and read scriptures with her and Isabella’s non member friend was there and hopefully she will want to start learning more. It was a wet day.
We had our first district meeting of the transfer on Thursday. We talked about chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel. It is about our missionary purpose and everyone had such great things to say! I led a training on “A Successful Missionary” it went really well. We did the online part of 12 week at the church and then we came back and got warm clothes because it was so cold. We met this man and had a crazy encounter when we asked if he knew his neighbors. He asked me why he needs to know his neighbors and then he said something like, “I hear about all the shootings on TV” and then his neighbor came out and he was like, “Here, maybe he wants to hear your message” and it’s funny because the other guy was hard of hearing and they were yelling at each other, “What? What?” He wasn’t interested either, it was the craziest encounter and it was hard not to laugh. we saw an older lady in the ward and she let me use her electric heating pad because my feet were so cold. We had dinner with the former relief society president and shared a really great message and she told us how much she appreciates all that we do and the example we are, especially for her grandchildren. We went and saw Brother Hansen and he set up a dinner appointment with us that he was going to invite one of his cub scouts too. He is so great. We saw the Tyrell’s. It was such a cold night.
We did service for Brother Hansen on Friday. We raked leaves in his garden. We then went back and started weekly planning. In the middle of weekly planning, Sister Palmer came and dropped some mail off. She is the best, I love her so much! She always talks about our green kitchen and our hideous lamps every time she comes. After weekly planning, we went and tried some people. We had dinner at our house for the first time in forever. I made cheesy buttery noodles for us and it was a winner! We tried some other people and then we went and saw Sister Bishop. She was warning us about the weather and to watch out for the pineapple express and that is not to be confused with the Polar Express! We scheduled a dinner with Sarah. It was such a cold night.
So they said it was supposed to be horrible weather on Saturday, it was mainly just windy. We briefly saw Brother Rutledge at the door and tried to see some formers. We had our coordination meeting with Brother Johnson and got a lot accomplished. They gave us a giant box of hot hands, they are the best. We had planned for the country and went and saw the Brown’s. They are so missionary minded. They are the best, they took us to go try and see their friends, but the gate was locked, but it was so awesome! She gave us bread to deliver to another neighbor. She was nice, but was happy with her religion. She wants us to come back sometime to talk about life. We had dinner with the Hoyt’s, they are so great! The rest of the night was slow.
We went to ward council on Sunday and just beat the rain before we came in. Testimony meeting was so great and all themed about missionary work. We have 4 missionaries leaving by the end of the month and 3 just left. The rest of church was good. We had quick studies and went out. We decided it would be more productive to use our car. We tried a few people. We went out walking and the wind and rain were so strong, we still got wet. We had dinner with the Hoyt’s again, she didn’t realize she signed up both days, but said was glad to have us for both days. We saw Sister Gentry, she just had back surgery and just came back. We also saw the Jenkins, they are so great.
We had a wicked thunderstorm at about 230 this morning. We went exercising and cleaned and studied this morning. We washed the car even though it’s supposed to be raining all week. Exact Obedience brings miracles! We went shopping and got rain boots! Sister Palmer said we could wear them! It looks like it may start raining. We are planning on playing the game “Pie Face” with the Elders later today!
Well I hope everyone stays safe from the varying weather conditions!
I just love being a missionary!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

Looks Like the Groundhog Saw His Shadow Early and That Means 6 More Weeks in Ione!




Happy New Year Everybody!

I can’t believe it is officially 2017!
2016 has just flown by! It was such a great year spending the whole time serving as a full time missionary!
I found out that I am an Aunt!!! I’m so excited!!!
Well, we got transfer calls last night *drum roll*… Looks like the groundhog saw his shadow early and that means 6 more weeks in Ione! I am staying with the best companion ever, Sister Turinetti and I will be finishing her 12 week training! I am so excited!
On Monday, we had dinner with the Hendrickson’s, she just cracks me up. We saw a LA/PMF and it went really well. I can tell he wants to come back to church, but I don’t think she is ready to get baptized yet. It was a very productive evening and I forgot that it was Preparation Day because it was so productive, until I got home and realized I still had laundry to fold!
Tuesday can be described in one word, Awkward! Tuesday was just a hard day. We had so many awkward encounters and it was just hard. Almost everyone we planned for we got to see, but people were either busy or not interested. We went and saw Sister Rowert and tried a few other people. Days like this happen, but it is important to not let days like that bring you down. I tried to stay positive and my Companion was very encouraging.
Wedenesday I was awoken at 1:15 by my bed shaking. I was not totally aware and I saw car lights out the window and I thought for some weird reason a truck was driving on our lawn? It was just a car on the street, but anyway, the shaking was an Earthquake! I am so proud to say I survived and felt a California Earthquake! People told me I wouldn’t feel one, but I did! I cannot get over it, mission accomplished! We had a really good lesson with the less active we have been working with. Her son came and sat down towards the end of the lesson. We invited him, if he was interested to come to Young Men and his Mom asked him if he would like that and he said yes! That is a step in the right direction! He is not baptized so he has a lot of potential! We had a lesson with the Rutledge’s, but they didn’t show up. We saw a sort of recent convert family. We saw 2 potentials, one is not interested, but super nice. We had a lesson with the Hawkin’s and had dinner with the Jenkin’s. People can’t get over the fact that we bike out in the cold until 9 every night. That is what being a missionary is all about! We tried contacting a potential, but he is not interested and we saw the Adair’s.
On Thursday we had zone training in Lodi. It was so awesome! We talked about some counseling items and we watched an interesting safety video. We talked about Less Actives and how we can help them. We need to be the missionary that you hope to be in your less active relative’s area. That also applies to everyone. We watched this really great video called, “Reach Out with Love”, it is so good! I recommend that everybody watches it! It shows that we need to be a friend before we start trying to get them to come back to church! There was such a great spirit in the room. We went to Chipotle with the Galt Spanish Sisters, it was fun! We drove back and did 12 week. We tried some potentials and less actives. Our dinner was interesting. She hadn’t started it when we got there and it was just kind of awkward. She made tuna, but there was no way I could keep that down, so I bravely asked for peanut butter and they were completely okay with it! We saw an older couple in the ward and read scriptures with Sarah.
On Friday we got to start our weekly planning right away. Weekly planning always takes forever, but we had a good companionship inventory, so it was good. We tried to contact a referral and tried to see a few former’s. Our dinner cancelled because we didn’t want head lice, so we went to the Harmon’s. They are such a great family! The kids think we are celebrities! We went and saw this lady who is moving in from Modesto. We have been trying to see her for a long time and finally our appointment worked out. We also saw Sister Stowell.
It was kind of rainy on Saturday. I finished the Book of Mormon for my 13th time. I just love the Book of Mormon and just want to keep reading it again and again! I had a focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is what makes up the Book of Mormon, it is all about Christ! We went to Jackson to do some online 12 week training. We had miles leftover and so we decided to make it a country day. We saw this new move in and she had crazy jumping dogs, but I survived. We gave her a Book of Mormon and let her know when church was. We saw a less active lady. There was this drunk man that was not walking straight and we weren’t sure what he was going to do so we hid behind cars and kept our distant until we got to our car. We went and tried this other new move in and it took us to a marina for Lake Amador, so random. After praying about it, we decided to call him and he told us that he appreciated us calling, but is not ready for visitor’s. We then went and tried some other people and on the way there was a skunk in the middle of the road, and we drove by way slow, we could not get sprayed. We saw the Whitmer’s and helped her make a gingerbread house. We had new year’s dinner with the relief society president and the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric. It was nice and relaxing. We got a text about 5 saying we had to be in by 730 unless we had an appointment. We did have an appointment with Sister Gentry before she has back surgery on Wednesday. We came back and planned. A member came by and gave Sister Turinetti a pizza and me a 4 lb jar of peanut butter and a big bottle of honey! The members are so great! We celebrated new years at 9 because back home it was midnight! It was fun!
Happy New Year on Sunday! We started off the year losing power in the middle of getting ready. I almost burned myself 3 times lighting a candle, but thank goodness the lights came back on! We had our coordination meeting and the lights went out again as we waited for ward council to start, but they came back a couple minutes later. We had a great ward council and we shared “Reach Out with Love” and everybody loved it! We had 2 farewell talks in Sacrament meeting and I almost lost it. A mission is so precious and I remember when that was me. We started the book over again in gospel principles and talked about President Hinckley in relief society. We came back and had lunch and did studies. Sister Turinetti has completed 6 weeks of her 12 week training. We tried some people and had dinner with the Mitchell’s and then we saw Sarah and Isabella. We hurried home and planned and I got in the shower before our transfer call that would be coming at 9:30. I got out of the shower at 9:10 thinking I had plenty of time, but then sister Turinetti knocks on the door and saying the assistants were calling. Elder Grover called and said that we were both staying! I am so excited, we are going to have a great transfer!
Today it rained in Ione and we are down in Lodi. Hopefully there aren’t too many changes, especially with my district. Whatever happens is in the Lord’s hands!
So many great things happened this year. So many people got baptized and I met so great people and experienced so many wonderful things. I changed so much as a person and I am more who I want to be and who Heavenly Father wants me to be. This next year is going to be interesting, I will be a missionary for some of it and then I get to go back to the real world and go back to school, scary to think about. I just want to focus now on fulfilling my purpose as a Missionary and enjoy every minute of this special call. I wish I could just stay on my mission forever, but 2017 will be a great year!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

Prime Rib Three Times Within 24 hours, Holy Cow!




Happy Boxing Day!

Also, Merry Christmas Adam! It was Christmas Eve and now it’s Christmas Adam, haha!
Well Christmas is now over, which means missionary should pick up, so I’m excited!
We went on exchanges starting on Monday night. I was sad to be away from my companion, but I knew Sister Webb and I would have a blast! It was so cold on Monday night.
On Tuesday, we went to Castle service and swept the floor, luckily this time they gave us face masks. Sister Webb persuaded me to try tracting, that is not something I normally do, but I was willing to give it a shot. No one was interested, but people were nice and also a little obsessed with cats. There was this house that had a creepy robotic Santa, that would turn it’s head and every once in a while a recording would come on, “I would never give anyone coal… a fruitcake, maybe! Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas!” It was the creepiest thing! We got 3 referrals from people and we had 3 Less Active lessons with some Less Actives that are almost impossible to see, so it was pretty awesome! Then in the evening we were again reunited as companions. I had fun, but I missed my companion!
Wednesday was awesome! We contacted a former the day before and then she said we can come back the next morning. It was awesome, her kids are so polite and just love us. We talked about how we celebrate Christmas and the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. We challenged her to read the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi specifically and she said she would. We have an appointment with her on the 4th! That is so exciting! We ventured out to the country. We tried to contact this Less Active and she got very angry with us and told us that the church needs to stop harassing her. Sister Turinetti said I handled it pretty well. The key is to not get defensive back! We also talked to a lot of people on street and people were so nice. We talked to this family and this little girl was so sweet. When we started walking away she said, “Those girls are so pretty!” It was so sweet! We had dinner with the older couple in ward and they just like to talk, we finally got to have a lesson. It was almost like they didn’t want us to leave. After we did get to leave, we went and saw Sarah and Isabella, they are the best!
Thursday was so much fun! We had to wake up early to go down to Modesto for our Mission Christmas Devotional! Our car was frosted over and so we put the defroster on high and full blast. I didn’t think I would run into that problem in California? We rehearsed our song for the devotional. There was a breakfast, but it was just mainly people talking and seeing old friends. It was so nice to see everyone. This is the only time the whole mission can get together, so it was pretty special! We got a mission picture and President threatened if anyone put up bunny ears they would be able to be home for Christmas. He would send them on the next plane home. We then had the devotional. It was just people performing Christmas songs and songs about Christ. We were second to last. Our district sang “Gethsemane”. I love that song! This Christmas I have focused so much on the Savior and what He has done for me. I love the words, they are so powerful. I think President had a few tears. I almost cried because I felt the spirit. President and Sister Palmer had a few closing remarks and they gave us gift bags that have little booklets from pictures taken throughout this year, it was awesome! I also got my Christmas packages. Our Tiwi wouldn’t let me login, so luckily we were at the mission office, so we reset it and everything works now. We made the trek back to Ione and had quick studies and tried to go see people before dinner. We had dinner with Sister Rowert. She gave us a ton of food to take home and gave us some presents. It was so nice. She also gave us a ride home, it makes her feel better. After she dropped us off, we saw a LA/PMF. They are so nice and we got to share a message with them. They also gave us a present. I feel so loved. People have also given us so many treats, it’s a bit too much, but it is nice to be loved!
On Friday we had an appointment with Brother Rutledge, but he was not home. We had our coordination meeting with Brother Johnson. It rained and was super windy. Luckily, we had weekly planning. We had to go talk to the Hendrickson’s about some things wrong with our house and then we tried to share a message with them. They are so funny. We have dinner with them tonight so it should be fun! We had dinner with the Gold’s. They are so awesome. we saw the Hawkins and talked to Brother Patterson about some people we had visited. Our blinds now close and our shower drains, it is a Christmas miracle!
Christmas Eve on Saturday! We did our studies and helped Sister Campbell make rolls. Her two sons banter back and forth with each other, it is so funny. It reminds me of when my brothers get together! We had lunch and we baked cookies to give to some families and sing Christmas carols. It was fun. We went to our dinner. It was fun. We had prime rib and homemade rolls. We did a white elephant gift exchange. I got XL reindeer slippers that no one wanted to steal. That’s okay, they match my XL Pajama bottoms, haha! We went and saw Sister Gentry. She is so sweet and is getting herself closer the temple! We planned and I opened my pajamas! I prepped my Monkey Bread for Christmas morning. It was a good day!
It’s Christmas!!! We opened presents. I feel so loved. I got so many practical things, my parents are the best! We made monkey bread, except the sauce spilled off the side all over the counter when I flipped it on the plate, it was a huge sticky mess and now we don’t have a lot of the best part, but that’s okay! We quickly got ready and did our studies before sacrament meeting. They had a little Christmas musical program and a missionary farewell. We came back and did 12 week. We had lunch at the Johnson’s, more prime rib!? Then I got to Skype my family! That was so awesome! I just love my family so much! We then went and saw Sarah and Isabella. We had dinner with the Haney’s. Guess what…? More prime rib! I have had prime rib 3 times within 24 hours, Holy Cow! We then went and saw the Busi’s. We sang Christmas carols. They are just so great. It was a great day!
Today we came down to Lodi. The Jackson Wal-Mart would be packed, and we need to make some returns. Hopefully we will get to play sports later!
This week hopefully things will start picking up. It’s also the last week of the transfer. Sister Turinetti and I hope we will be companions again next transfer! We never know, it is all in the Lord’s hands!
I hope everyone has a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn